Numerous bays with fine sandy beaches, turquoise sea, an impressive, varied nature and exciting historical sites from antiquity – all that is Greece. No wonder that both mainland Greece and the Greek islands are among our favorite destinations. Besides the many hours of sunshine and the delicious Greek cuisine, it is the hospitality of the Greeks that is most appealing. In order to bring you a little bit closer to this great country, we give you here an overview of the most important facts about Greece and numerous tips for your stay.

Greece key data

  • Location: Southeastern Europe, located on the Mediterranean Sea
  • consisting of the mainland, the Peloponnese peninsula and 3.054 Islands in the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea
  • Capital: Athens
  • Official language: Greek
  • Population: 11.16 million (as of 2018)
  • Currency: EURO
  • 15 international airports
  • Time difference: + 1 hour in Greece

Climate and weather in Greece

The location on the Mediterranean Sea gives Greece a Mediterranean climate – it brings hot, dry summers and mild humid winters. In May the sea can still be quite cool, but the flowers are most beautiful in this month and a real highlight for nature and hiking lovers. In the summer, temperatures quickly rise above 30° C and invite you to swim.

As a hopeless Christmas fan I thought I already knew a lot about the "most beautiful time of the year". Until my road trip along the most beautiful Advent markets in the Salzkammergut.

Here I was taught better and learned the following:

Prague in the Czech Republic is always worth a trip, but what is the alternative to the top 10 attractions? A very hot tip for a trip is the zoo in Prague. Prague is not called the "golden city of a hundred towers" for nothing.

Anyone who has been here will appreciate the charm of this unique metropolis in the heart of Europe. A picturesque and wonderfully authentic setting is provided by the Prague Zoo just outside the city center. Few zoos offer as much variety as the one in the Czech capital.

It takes just one hour to dive from Berlin into a completely different world. One where the sidewalks are clean, the house facades are clean, and the colors are pastel. We took a look at Potsdam and Babelsberg this weekend. While there was nothing going on in Babelsberg's city center and I only photographed the Ratskeller, Potsdam impressed us with its beautiful buildings, the Dutch Quarter, pretty alleys and cute cafes.


Thunderstorm Lightning

Summer vacations in caravans and motorhomes are just predestined to have to overcome a certain potential danger. No other season surprises nature lovers and advocates of absolute freedom more with its weather caprices. Violent thunderstorms, hail, lightning and thunder demand quite a bit of robustness from the camping soul. How high the safety in the caravan and camper can be at all, depends predominantly on the installed materials. Nevertheless: Always observe the correct behavior – it saves lives.

Traveling through the Caribbean with only the bare necessities on your back and no clear itinerary or fixed accommodation is a dream that has been fulfilled by some, mostly young, people after graduating from high school or university.

Since the seventies, this alternative way of traveling has established itself in the German-speaking world. But what exactly makes a backpacking trip actually? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And which Caribbean islands are suitable for backpacking? The answers to these questions, as well as many useful tips and links about backpacking in the Caribbean, can be found on this page.

The Wicklow Mountains or the Ring of Kerry? Spectacular coastline or quaint pubs? Whatever your preference, Ireland has it all! We will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities to travel to Ireland with Real Ireland. In this blog we will give you the best tips to book your ideal vacation in Ireland. Be inspired!

Round trip including flight and rental car

Are you looking for a fully organized package holiday to Ireland, including car hire and flights?? Then a Fly& Drive vacation just right for you. Choose your favorite destinations in Ireland and we will book your flight and make sure your rental car is waiting for you at the airport. Of course, you will stay in our personal, small-scale accommodations in unique locations. Curious about our Fly& Drive tours? We will be happy to describe them to you in detail!

South Africa is a diverse country in every respect, and its overall fascination cannot be summarized briefly. Accordingly, every South Africa vacation is unique. There are eleven official languages in the country, reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country. It is also impossible to identify a typical culture, as the many population groups maintain their own cultures. The country is therefore rightly called the Rainbow Nation. Touristically, the country has something to offer for every interest: The national parks for animal lovers, an exotic plant world for botanists and also the big cities are inferior to western metropolises in almost nothing more. The history of the country is mainly moved by racial unrest and the time of apartheid. Even today, black and white inhabitants live spatially separated. If you want to spend your vacation in South Africa, you should know: to get to know the country properly, you would have to make a round trip through the whole country. Sights and tourist attractions are spread all over the country, there are no real tourist strongholds. The variety of landscapes, which the country owes to the large number of climatic zones, gives each area a special touch: from white sandy beaches in the southeast of the country, to botanical diversity in the west, to the table mountain in the north, there is a climate for every taste.

South Africa Vacation Waterfront

What attractions await you in Portugal? Which regions are the most beautiful? In addition to the outstanding hospitality of the Portuguese, you can look forward to stunning coastlines, monasteries steeped in history, volcanic islands and much more. Enjoy our list of the top 8 places to visit in Portugal!

1. Lisbon: The capital

Start with a city full of castles, palaces, churches and views. It is one of Portugal's top sights and definitely not lacking in highlights! Compared to other European capitals, Lisbon is rather small – a city with character that could not be more authentic.

Know where to stay in Puerto Rico? If not, look no further. In this blog you will learn all about the best areas to stay in Puerto Rico and what advantages they offer. Let's get started!

Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of the Virgin Islands, which is an unincorporated territory of the United States. With beautiful beaches, fabulous cities, and incredible national parks, Puerto Rico is an absolutely amazing place that has something to offer for everyone.