Prague in the Czech Republic is always worth a trip, but what is the alternative to the top 10 attractions? A very hot tip for a trip is the zoo in Prague. Prague is not called the "golden city of a hundred towers" for nothing.

Anyone who has been here will appreciate the charm of this unique metropolis in the heart of Europe. A picturesque and wonderfully authentic setting is provided by the Prague Zoo just outside the city center. Few zoos offer as much variety as the one in the Czech capital.

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Do you want to enjoy nature or do you want to go shopping?

Hurry up! Travel to Jakarta , the lively capital of Indonesia.

Also this year Corona has ruined our travel plans. After the entry to Norway was not possible for a long time, we decided again for a vacation in Germany. Because even if many of our friends are already traveling to Greece, Croatia and Slovenia again, we are not drawn across the national border. The fear of having to stay in quarantine somewhere or having to bring in a new, as yet unknown variant is too great. So we decided to do another road trip through Germany. After all, there are still enough regions in this country with beautiful scenery, nice people and remarkable sights we haven't visited yet. First stop of our trip is the Swabian Alb East.

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With four unique theme parks, two spectacular water parks, extensive shopping, excellent restaurants and an area twice the size of Manhattan, there is something for visitors of all ages at Walt Disney World Florida!

Walt Disney decided in the mid-1960s to realize his dream of Walt Disney World, the world's largest theme park landscape. Disney's Magic Kingdom kicked off the entire "Walt Disney World" in 1971 with its now four theme parks and two water parks in Lake Buena Vista in Florida, about 30 kilometers southwest of Orlando.

Tenerife is not only a culinary and cultural experience. Even away from the small and larger towns with their colorful hustle and bustle, there is a lot to discover. With its idyllic valleys, wild barrancos and pine and laurel forests, Tenerife is a true hiker's paradise. And also one or the other grandiose summit wants to be climbed. First and foremost, of course, the highest mountain in Spain, the Pico del Teide. And so the most versatile island of the Canary Islands invites us (almost) every day anew to a hike.

Actually, I already wanted to report about our numerous hikes on Tenerife in the context of the sightseeings. But then alone there was so much to tell about the black beaches, the botanical garden and the other beautiful things that Mr. Wallygusto and I saw Tenerife. Therefore I spontaneously decided to dedicate a separate chapter to the sporty part of our vacation. So I can provide you with even more impressions and information.