Thunderstorm Lightning

Summer vacations in caravans and motorhomes are just predestined to have to overcome a certain potential danger. No other season surprises nature lovers and advocates of absolute freedom more with its weather caprices. Violent thunderstorms, hail, lightning and thunder demand quite a bit of robustness from the camping soul. How high the safety in the caravan and camper can be at all, depends predominantly on the installed materials. Nevertheless: Always observe the correct behavior – it saves lives.

How to find jobs with Work and Travel

Part of Work and Travel is of course getting a job. This inevitably raises the question, how do I find Work and Travel jobs?? Especially before departure this question can cause headaches. But do not worry. Finding a job in Work and Travel is easier than you might think beforehand. Read on to get answers to the most common questions about finding a job with Work and Travel.

How to finance Work and Travel

If you want to do Work and Travel and you are still in school or university, you might ask yourself how to finance Work and Travel. After all, there are several fixed costs of Work and Travel that you need to have enough money for. Here you can find some tips on how to finance Work and Travel.

What Rights Are Required Abroad

When planning a trip abroad, be sure to consider whether a driver's license makes sense for you. If you want to travel by car or rent a car in the host country, this is of course simply necessary. If you're traveling on a package tour, ask your tour operator what the laws are on the roads of the country you're traveling to. An international driver's license is required in most countries.

Travel Diary: Two days in Vinales | Cuba

After two days in Havana, where I could acclimatize a bit, my husband and I take the bus to Vinales. Since we deliberately decided not to rent a car, we take care of a bus ticket – luckily you can get one right in the hotel next door. Without a computer, armed only with an old telephone and a notepad, the nice lady organizes tickets for the next day, when we are supposed to leave at 11 a.m. for Vinales.