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Forest bathing means to draw from the power of the forest and to feel nature with all senses. It is scientifically proven that the forest has a healing effect on soul and body. Read here why this natural healing method has been proven to be so healthy and beneficial and how forest bathing works in winter.

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Perhaps you've read about the rise of bleisure travel in the news, or you're looking for strategies to increase the amount of bleisure travel at your hotel. It's no secret that bleisure travel is a growing segment in hotels around the world. But what about the future of business travel that extends to vacation stays? What do Bleisure travelers really want? And how your hotel can best attract them? In this article, we will explore Bleisure travel trends and why this segment is so attractive to hotels.

Basically I always wanted to do a year abroad. And I was overjoyed when a few months ago this dream became reality step by step. Choosing the destination country was, of course, one of the first things I looked into. Canada had long fascinated me and seemed to promise both good schools and breathtaking nature. It was also very important for me to learn English properly.

Work and Travel in France, Paris

With this article I would like to encourage you to do some Work and Travel in France. After the bad events yesterday in Nice, I almost didn't want to write and publish this article, but then I thought that I will do it anyway. now more than ever!

Travel Diary: Los Angeles Part I | USA Roadtrip

After three days in San Diego, which were unfortunately a bit disappointing, I went on to Los Angeles. To be honest, the city I had the lowest expectations for, although I can't say exactly why…

Travel Diary: O'ahu | Hawaii Part 1

One week in Hawaii – O'ahu to be exact – was the highlight of the road trip through the western USA. After three weeks of spending at most three nights in one place, the prospect of a week in the same hotel was really tempting.

Travel Diary: One week in Ibiza | Spain

At the end of June it was finally time again – finally vacation! And for the first time in over two years (my last real trip was to Australia in 2019), I didn't just spend it at home or in the local area, but actually finally went on a trip again. And for a week to Ibiza! The island has been on my bucket list forever, and accordingly I didn't mind at all that the choice of vacation destinations is a bit more limited at the moment. I was mainly just looking forward to finally getting out of the city again!

Travel Diary: Two days in Cienfuegos | Cuba

After a very relaxed but interesting stay in Vinales, we continue our journey to Cienfuegos, on the south coast of Cuba. Finally we are heading to the sea, even if we will not spend the next two days directly on the beach yet. But first we have the longest drive of our trip ahead of us – first back to Havana and from there south to. Depending on who you ask, the trip can take anywhere from six to eight hours. We stocked up on snacks and drinks to make our ride in the current shared cab as comfortable as possible.

Destination Kansas: Here you can find travel information and contact details of the official tourist information, the tourist office or. of the responsible tourism association to the destination Kansas:

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Travel Tip: Visa for Cuba

Last fall, my husband and I went to Cuba for two weeks – a beautiful country that I can only recommend to everyone. Especially Havana and Trinidad I liked very much. As with any long-distance trip, there is one thing you have to do beforehand, in addition to booking a flight and possibly a hotel: apply for a visa. Because without it you won't get far, not even in Cuba.