A road trip by car – unforgettable experience and dream of many vacationers. To ensure that the experience on four wheels actually becomes a highlight, there are a few things to keep in mind. With these 6 tips, the trip will be an unforgettable experience, packed with positive impressions.

1. Obtain information about the destination

There are countless options for taking a trip by car. Every place, every country has its individual charm, but also very individual requirements. Before the exciting road trip can begin, it is best to gather as much information as possible about the destination.

Travel Diary: A day in Tel Aviv | Israel

The last city before Rica and I head back to Germany – Tel Aviv. We will spend an afternoon, a night and a full day here before heading to the airport to fly back in the evening. After lying on the beach for half a day in Haifa, we pack up our stuff, drive to Tel Aviv, park the car and make our way to our accommodation for the last night. For the first time we are glad to spend only one night here, because the Airbnb is located directly at the beach, but not very nice, clean or recommendable.

Here's how to prepare for your trip without stress and the benefits of an eVisa!

Important tips for stress-free travel preparation

Oh how tasty (and beautiful) is the Saarland? Saarland is perhaps one of the lesser known states in Germany. It is located in the southwest corner, near the border triangle with France and Luxembourg.

Saarland has a lot to offer in the way of culinary delights, as the small federal state likes to call itself a region of enjoyment. The Saarland definitely deserves this title, because regionalism, seasonality and hospitality are particularly important here on the Saar. You can find my 11 tips for a (culinary) vacation in Saarland in this article.

2020 was not the best year for us travel enthusiasts. But there were also places that were perfect to travel just because of the pandemic (at least for the short time it was possible without restrictions). One such destination was Venice, because this year you had Venice all to yourself – without enormous tourist crowds. But it's still worth traveling to Venice in the coming years before it is further damaged by rising sea levels or. disappears.


Parking in resp. Venice is not cheap and you always hear horror stories of cramped parking garages. We spared ourselves this experience. We used the Tronchetto parking lot in the harbor. This is directly on the right side shortly before Venice. easy to get to and you can park your car by yourself and you don't have to leave your keys or anything like that. By the way, the toilets are not in the parking garage directly but just before it.

My first task is to walk as slowly as I can into the forest, picking up something that catches my eye. A beautiful leaf, a cone, a piece of bark, it doesn't matter.

Shortly thereafter the cuckoo call is heard. Not in real life, although the cuckoo can be seen in the northern Black Forest from time to time. For Frauke Grotz's forest bathing class participants, it's the signal to pause for a moment.

Known worldwide as the capital of French wine but also as one of the most beautiful cities in France, Bordeaux was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007. Its cultural and architectural wealth is numerous and varied. It is difficult to quote them all.

In this article I will try to mention only the biggest and most beautiful websites, but also my small and good addresses…

Paths after school

You don't know yet what to do after school? – No problem! We show you possible ways beside apprenticeship, dual study or study and give you some tips!

Travel Plans: 5 city trips for 2019

I love city trips! In 2018, it unfortunately didn't work out to actually visit five cities for at least one weekend, but I still have my sights set on five destinations I'd like to see in 2019 as well. For a few days, sort of like a short vacation, sometimes with my husband and sometimes with my best friend or friends. I'm looking forward to discovering new destinations and seeing old ones again this year. What are your travel plans for this year?

"How safe is South Africa actually?"A question that we asked ourselves again and again before the trip and that is certainly of great interest to you.

After almost two months we can now say: Everything is not so bad! Provided you follow a few simple rules and know how to behave.