How about Work and Travel in France?

Work and Travel in France, Paris

With this article I would like to encourage you to do some Work and Travel in France. After the bad events yesterday in Nice, I almost didn't want to write and publish this article, but then I thought that I will do it anyway. now more than ever!

My dream trip through France

Since I've been studying French, I've really got a taste for France. On the one hand, to try out my language skills and on the other hand, to learn a new language. and on the other hand, because it is a great, diverse country. I really only know France from visits and vacations as a child and teenager, so now as an adult I've been wanting to explore France on my own for a long time. On my wish list for a trip around France is of course Paris, the Atlantic coast, the Alps and yes, Nice too, I've always wanted to go there and it stays that way.

If I had a little more time for this round trip, I could imagine to do some Work and Travel in France on the way. After all, France is part of the EU and as an EU citizen you can work there without any problems. And work and travel in Europe is a great alternative to the classic work and travel countries.

Work and Travel in France

Work and Travel in France… dream… Stay a little bit in Paris and work there, then learn surfing at the Atlantic coast and earn a few Euros with a waitress job.

Learn to surf in France

Snowboarding in the French Alps for a season in the winter and working a bit at the checkout in the supermarket in the evening.

French Alps

And then go on vacation in Nice and spend all the money there.

Nice, France

And anyway, as it is with Work and Travel, on the way all plans throw over the heap and experience and see still completely different exciting things in France. Would this all be a waste of time? Of course not, because by the end of my trip I could speak fluent French…dream…

Make travel plans for your trip to France

And because I like to dream and make travel plans, even if it will only be a short trip through France and not a long work and travel stay, I have already looked around on the website of France Voyage and have put together my individual trip to France. Pretty handy site for the unplanned like me who just know roughly where they want to go and roughly what they want to experience in France. What's particularly cool is that, in addition to accommodations, etc. on the site you can also search activities by region in France. And the best thing is, free activities are also displayed. Yay!
So, as long as I'm still dreaming of my France trip, I'll click through to this site for inspiration…

How about you, do you also dream of France or have you already experienced your dream trip there? Or maybe you have already done some Work and Travel in France?

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