How to find jobs with Work and Travel?

How to find jobs with Work and Travel

Part of Work and Travel is of course getting a job. This inevitably raises the question, how do I find Work and Travel jobs?? Especially before departure this question can cause headaches. But do not worry. Finding a job in Work and Travel is easier than you might think beforehand. Read on to get answers to the most common questions about finding a job with Work and Travel.

Working is part of Work and Travel

Jobbing is part of Work and Travel, but not the purpose of the trip. The concept of Work and Travel is based on traveling and working, but traveling should be the main focus. The jobbing on the road is just to fill up the travel fund a bit and of course to gain experience. It is therefore advisable that you take enough money with you on your trip, so that you can first arrive in your work and travel country in peace and also have enough time to look for your first job.

But now let's go to the questions about finding a job at Work and Travel.

Do I have to look for a job for Work and Travel already from home??

No, you don't have to. As mentioned, you should have enough money to get by for a few weeks or even months without having to work. The job you look for then in peace on the spot. It makes little sense to look for a job for work and travel from home, because most employers want to talk to you personally in the interview and generally a lot is achieved with personal contact on site.

Do I need a resume for Work and Travel?

Actually, it is not necessary to bring a resume or other application documents with you on your work and travel trip. Work and Travel jobs, such as fruit picking, are often simple jobs for which you do not need any special skills. Even for jobs in the catering industry or other jobs it is not necessary to send your application from home. Normally you will be given an application form by your future employer, which you simply fill in and return to them. On the form you will also be asked about your work experience, etc. asked. If you apply on job portals on the Internet, you usually fill out the application form online. So for the normal Work and Travel jobs it is not necessary to send an application from home. You can find more information in the post "Do you need certificates for Work and Travel".

Where to find Work and Travel jobs?

  • You can often find the jobs directly in the backpacker's hostel. There are bulletin boards where mostly job ads are posted. It is also worth asking the hostel staff, because they often know where there are jobs and sometimes they are looking for someone directly for the hostel to help out.
  • The other backpackers in the hostel also often know where to find work and travel jobs. Sometimes your employer is still looking for people and your roommates can suggest you directly. Or they want to move on and know that their job will become available, for which you can apply and so on.
  • In many hostels there is a daily newspaper or free backpacker newspapers. There is always a section with job ads. It is worth going through them, because maybe the right job is there.
  • On the Internet there are special job portals for backpackers, where work and travel jobs are offered. In addition, there are of course in each country also the normal job portals such as Monster etc. and apps where you can search for jobs. You can find the corresponding job pages for each country on in the menu item work of the respective country.
  • Websites with classifieds are also worthwhile. There is usually a section with jobs that you can look at.
  • You can also apply at job agencies and temp agencies respectively. sign up to get a job.
  • Keep your eyes open when you stroll through the streets. Often hanging in stores, cafes, restaurants, etc., you will be asked to fill out the application form. just put notes in the shop window saying that they are looking for a new employee.
  • If you are looking for a specific job, just check the phone or yellow pages and proactively call the companies you are interested in. Tell them on the phone that you are looking for a job and if they can still use someone. I got a job as a bike courier in Auckland this way during my work and travel trip through New Zealand.

How to apply for the jobs?

The best thing is to go there in person or to call. Then you know through the personal interview whether you have a chance or not. After all, with Work and Travel you don't have time to go through an application process that takes forever, because you only want to work for a short time and then continue traveling. The employers who hire Work and Travellers know this too. Therefore, the application process is usually simple, straightforward and not formal. That means: just call and say you want the job or go in person to. Either they will get straight down to business or you will be given an application form to fill in and return to them. After that they will usually get in touch with you. Maybe there will be an interview or a trial work and at the latest after that you should know if you will get the job or not.

Alternatively, you can apply online via job portals or apps. If you have a profile there, it is usually a simple one click process. Then it is a matter of waiting until you are contacted.

What kind of work and travel jobs are available?

The most popular Work and Travel jobs, especially in Australia and New Zealand, are fruit picking and farm work. Other possibilities can be jobs as a waiter, maid, receptionist, kitchen help or nanny. Simple office work and construction work are also possible. The possible fields of work always depend on your previous knowledge and qualifications. For example, if you have a specific vocational training, such as nurse, cook, hairdresser, etc., you can apply for a job. you can of course also try to find a job in this area.

An alternative to paid jobs is unskilled work, in return for which you will be provided with room and board. Jobs on farms can be found for example as a wwoofer. But there are also other help jobs against accommodation. Learn more about it in the post about Wwofing and volunteering.

Fruit Picking at Work and Travel

Do I need fancy clothes for job interviews?

Unless you are aiming to find an office job on your work and travel trip, you don't really need to wear anything fancy like a suit or a costume. But of course you should not come across like the last person at a job interview. As long as you have clean intact clothes on and generally make a well-groomed impression, an interview for a work and travel job should not be a problem.

Small tip: If you want to work in the gastronomy, it is worth to have black pants in your luggage. Many employers in this industry want you to wear black pants to work, so that the employees have a uniform appearance. The top, be it a t-shirt or a shirt, is usually provided as part of the uniform.

Here's a packing list for a year of work and travel, in case you need a little inspiration when choosing clothes for your trip.

Do you have more questions?

I hope I could answer your questions about finding a job in Work and Travel. If you have more questions, just write them in the comments, I will answer them then. If you want to add something yourself, because you have great tips on how to find work and travel jobs, then of course I'm happy about your comment as well. And if you want to know how I found my jobs in New Zealand, read my work and travel experience report.

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