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Is it better to travel with or without organization? Is it better to take it into your own hands or let it be organized?
For a professional agent you will already spend around 400-600 €, but especially if you are not the organization talent, this is perfectly suitable. Despite all this, it is important to know how you can best save money.

A checklist is the first step

When organizing work and travel, a checklist always comes in handy. After all, before the arrival much is needed or. to collect certain information can never be wrong.
In order to apply for a work and holiday visa, there are the following points you should consider:

Organize Work and Travel

  • not be younger than 18 and older than 30 when applying for a visa
  • be in possession of German citizenship
  • First residence in Germany
  • do not have a criminal record and do not have any health problems
  • Have sufficient funds for a possible return flight

These are the points that should be clarified beforehand. Otherwise, organizing work and travel can go very wrong and you will have to spend even more time and possibly more money.
In some countries there are other requirements, which should be clarified in advance.
You must not make any mistakes when applying for a visa, so you have to check the data correctly.

How do I apply for the visa now?

Organize Work and Travel

Once you have done all the steps, it is time to find out where to apply for the visa. Most of the time you can find more information about this on special websites of the country, especially of the immigration office. After that, an application is not difficult, since everything can be filled out quickly and easily, online. The fees for this can be quite different. New Zealand and Canada usually charge between 100-120 €. Only a few days after request, you will receive a corresponding confirmation by e-mail.

Find cheap flights – How to save money

Especially the flight is usually the most expensive part of a trip, which is why you should save here as much as you can. This is also part of the work and travel organizing, because at least you can save some money. It is best to look for it as early as possible, because then you can find very cheap flights. The outward and return flight should be booked at the same time, otherwise it could be unnecessarily expensive again. This loses a lot of flexibility, but there is still the open return ticket.

The date for the return trip remains open, but despite all this, you do not have to worry about any additional booking. Some tickets even allow you to change the place of departure partly for free or for a small extra charge. This can be very useful especially in Canada or the USA, because these countries are huge.

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