Many people who have never been on vacation in Sardinia, associate with the island only the Costa Smeralda – Emerald Coast. It got its name from the color of the water surrounding the white sand beaches. But this large and beautiful Mediterranean island has more to offer than just a paradise for beach lovers. We present great insider tips that you should definitely have on your radar when vacationing in Sardinia.

Tourists visiting Sardinia for the first time are surprised to find an island so diverse. Mountains just a few kilometers from the wave washed sands and an astonishing number of prehistoric sites, provide for amazement. In particular, the enigmatic round towers of stone, the Nuraghe make a name for themselves with tourists and tourists. As you climb the dark stone stairs and explore the tunnels built in the Bronze and Iron Ages, you will learn more about the secrets these fortresses hide.

snowy mountain peaks in the background snowy forest in the foreground

Forest bathing means to draw from the power of the forest and to feel nature with all senses. It is scientifically proven that the forest has a healing effect on soul and body. Read here why this natural healing method has been proven to be so healthy and beneficial and how forest bathing works in winter.

Is it better to travel with or without organization? Is it better to take it into your own hands or let it be organized?
For a professional agent you will already spend around 400-600 €, but especially if you are not the organization talent, this is perfectly suitable. Despite all this, it is important to know how you can best save money.

A checklist is the first step

When organizing work and travel, a checklist always comes in handy. After all, before the arrival much is needed or. to collect certain information can never be wrong.
In order to apply for a work and holiday visa, there are the following points you should consider:

useful tips for usa visitor visa interview

For a B1 visa or B2 visa, you must appear in your home country for an interview with a U.S. Embassy official. Keep in mind that these two visas are different from the ESTA. For the ESTA application you can easily and simply apply online.

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Perhaps you've read about the rise of bleisure travel in the news, or you're looking for strategies to increase the amount of bleisure travel at your hotel. It's no secret that bleisure travel is a growing segment in hotels around the world. But what about the future of business travel that extends to vacation stays? What do Bleisure travelers really want? And how your hotel can best attract them? In this article, we will explore Bleisure travel trends and why this segment is so attractive to hotels.

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A road trip by car – unforgettable experience and dream of many vacationers. To ensure that the experience on four wheels actually becomes a highlight, there are a few things to keep in mind. With these 6 tips, the trip will be an unforgettable experience, packed with positive impressions.

1. Obtain information about the destination

There are countless options for taking a trip by car. Every place, every country has its individual charm, but also very individual requirements. Before the exciting road trip can begin, it is best to gather as much information as possible about the destination.

Basically I always wanted to do a year abroad. And I was overjoyed when a few months ago this dream became reality step by step. Choosing the destination country was, of course, one of the first things I looked into. Canada had long fascinated me and seemed to promise both good schools and breathtaking nature. It was also very important for me to learn English properly.

Travel Diary: A day in Tel Aviv | Israel

The last city before Rica and I head back to Germany – Tel Aviv. We will spend an afternoon, a night and a full day here before heading to the airport to fly back in the evening. After lying on the beach for half a day in Haifa, we pack up our stuff, drive to Tel Aviv, park the car and make our way to our accommodation for the last night. For the first time we are glad to spend only one night here, because the Airbnb is located directly at the beach, but not very nice, clean or recommendable.

How to find jobs with Work and Travel

Part of Work and Travel is of course getting a job. This inevitably raises the question, how do I find Work and Travel jobs?? Especially before departure this question can cause headaches. But do not worry. Finding a job in Work and Travel is easier than you might think beforehand. Read on to get answers to the most common questions about finding a job with Work and Travel.