Tenerife is not only a culinary and cultural experience. Even away from the small and larger towns with their colorful hustle and bustle, there is a lot to discover. With its idyllic valleys, wild barrancos and pine and laurel forests, Tenerife is a true hiker's paradise. And also one or the other grandiose summit wants to be climbed. First and foremost, of course, the highest mountain in Spain, the Pico del Teide. And so the most versatile island of the Canary Islands invites us (almost) every day anew to a hike.

Actually, I already wanted to report about our numerous hikes on Tenerife in the context of the sightseeings. But then alone there was so much to tell about the black beaches, the botanical garden and the other beautiful things that Mr. Wallygusto and I saw Tenerife. Therefore I spontaneously decided to dedicate a separate chapter to the sporty part of our vacation. So I can provide you with even more impressions and information.

Time between flights at Athens airport

As a rule of thumb, you need at least 45 minutes between flights on domestic routes. That's because you don't have to go through security, customs and immigration. . Not even these tips can save you if you don't give yourself at least some time between flights. International flights are a whole different animal.

Put on your glasses – and you find yourself on the most beautiful beaches in the world, on the Great Wall of China, on a cruise ship, or in the business lounge of a luxury hotel: sounds incredible? But it is feasible – and has been for several years now. Berlin-based Interactive CMS brings virtual glasses to travel agencies, taking travel advice to a new level. Editor-in-chief Friederike Hintze has entered the so-called VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge ..

Actually, virtual glasses are more familiar from the entertainment industry. Berlin-based Interactive CMS adapted the technology for the tourism industry and is present in over 100 travel agencies across Germany with the VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge. The idea: on virtual glasses, travel agency customers can take 360-degree walk-throughs of hotels, cruise ships and even places before their trip. The advantage: You can accurately assess whether the upgrade to the junior suite is worth it, whether you like the amenities or the view.