Paths after school

Paths after school

You don't know yet what to do after school? – No problem! We show you possible ways beside apprenticeship, dual study or study and give you some tips!

"The world is open to you!", these words are often said to you after you have just finished school. But what exactly does everyone mean?

The four of us took very different paths after school and can share our most helpful tips with you.

Volunteer service

You're done with school, want to take a break from learning and do something good at the same time? Then we can recommend the voluntary service to you.

There are four different volunteer services: Voluntary Ecological Year, Voluntary Social Year, Federal Volunteer Service and Voluntary Service Abroad.

Whether it's a kindergarten in Germany or a retirement home in France, there are always people who are happy to help. Leo did his voluntary service in a dementia home after school. This time was very formative for him.

Our environment and the way we deal with it occupies us every day. Many want to help, but don't know how. This is what the Voluntary Ecological Year is perfect for.

Voluntary service: A year of discovery while doing something good at the same time, that sounds great!

Year abroad (Work and Travel or Au Pair)

People often say that if you don't travel the world after school, you probably never will. That's exactly how Maike and Leo saw it too. Maike was in Australia and Leo in the Philippines (more about this in February…). Both tell about exciting and beautiful experiences. You get to know new cultures, friends and landscapes. You can tell a lifetime about the beautiful experiences and start relaxed into your new phase of life!

An au pair in America or Australia is also very popular. You get to know a new culture, live in a host family and take care of the family's children. After the au pair year, many people report that they have gained a "second family". Besides, it's nice to have friends abroad that you can always visit! One of our trainees used this opportunity in America.

P.S. If you need travel health insurance, you are welcome to contact us for information! 😉


Which training should I do? Which course of study is suitable for me?

This question is asked by many before they find their way. What can help: complete various internships! Many companies offer internships in different areas. This way you get an insight and at the same time you have the possibility to leave a good impression in the company. Long-term internships are also possible in many companies to bridge the time for the next year.

An internship can also help you get to know your dream employer and secure an apprenticeship. Diana had her one-year internship (as part of her technical college) at the savings bank. It helped her a lot to get to know the profession of a bank clerk and to decide for it in the end.

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