Prague Zoo – A guide for your visit Prague Zoo

Prague in the Czech Republic is always worth a trip, but what is the alternative to the top 10 attractions? A very hot tip for a trip is the zoo in Prague. Prague is not called the "golden city of a hundred towers" for nothing.

Anyone who has been here will appreciate the charm of this unique metropolis in the heart of Europe. A picturesque and wonderfully authentic setting is provided by the Prague Zoo just outside the city center. Few zoos offer as much variety as the one in the Czech capital.

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  • Homepage:
  • Address: U Trojskeho zamku 3/120, 171 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic
  • Line "C" to Holesovice Metro Station then change to bus line 112

Prague Zoo – A Guide to Your Visit Prague Zoo

Prague offers so much, the Old Town Square, the Prague Castle, the Chain Bridge, the Jewish Quarter or good down-to-earth food and cheap beer. Everyone will find what they are looking for here, because there is hardly any other city where nightlife and culture mix as much as in the 1.2 million metropolis on the Vltava River.

But what do you do when you are tired of culture and nightlife?? You won't regret a trip to the zoo in Prague on your trip to Czech Republic. Because this one was rated by in July 2015 for the 4. voted best zoo in the world. Not without reason! The zoo impresses with a unique terrain and a variety of animals.

The zoo is divided into different areas and on 2 levels. To find your way around, it is advisable to get a map of the area. What you must not miss, you will learn in this guide through the zoo in Prague.

Some facts about Prague Zoo

The zoo in Prague was opened in 1931 and on more than 45 hectares it offers a wealth of species of 696 different animals, of which 4804 live in the zoo. In addition to the numerous outdoor enclosures, a total of 12 animal houses invite visitors to discover an authentic animal world.

Although the zoo is not one of the top tourist attractions in Prague, it is after the Prague Castle, the most visited attraction in the Czech Republic. The zoo owes this not only to the tourists, but especially to the locals, among whom the zoo is very popular.

Prague Flamingo Zoo

The zoo in Prague gained international fame in 2002, because of a flood 1000 animals had to be brought to safety, unfortunately, 134 animals died in the floods. Seal Gaston swam across the Elbe and Vltava rivers to Germany, but unfortunately died of exhaustion on the return trip.

The zoo is structured in such a way that you can't do it all in one day. The area is much too large. To enjoy everything you have to come at least 2 times. This is also the reason why the annual ticket costs only a little more than a day ticket. Here it is worth to calculate more exactly, if you want to come again.

Getting there: Prague Zoo is relatively easy to get to. From the center, you can reach the main entrance within 45 minutes. The best way to get to the zoo is to take line "C", which stops at Holesovice Metro Station, where you change to line 112.

Prague Zoo – The Indonesian Jungle

The Indonesian Jungle is one of the 12 animal houses in Prague Zoo, the construction time was 2 years. Here you feel after entering like in another world. High humidity and exotic plants make the experience perfect. Whether palm trees, grasses or beautiful flowers, everything that belongs to a jungle feeling, you will find here again.

On 2 floors you will find not only a waterfall, but also over 1000 animals. A tropical river houses, among others, over 40 species of fish and turtles. The 2 largest lizards in the world, you can see here but also orangutans and monkeys. The highlight is the "Dark Zone", where nocturnal animals live, such as the free-flying flying foxes.

Cat House in Prague Zoo

For cat lovers, this house in Prague Zoo is an absolute must. Here you will find, among others, Siberian tigers, Sumatran tigers, cheetahs, Amur leopards and clouded leopards. The cat house is connected with the reptile house, here are also interactive possibilities, which are intended particularly for children.

The building is designed so that the animals are not just "exhibits", they live here in the most natural environment possible. As a result, not all the animals are always on display. Absolutely species-appropriate and recommendable.

Gorilla house in Prague Zoo

In the gorilla house you have the opportunity to see and meet a gorilla family. The family shares its habitat with small tamarin monkeys and armadillos, among others. This coexistence, works mainly because of the generous design of the house. Richard, silverback and star of Prague Zoo, has also fathered many offspring here.

Prague Zoo – African savannah

The most beautiful and spacious enclosure in the Prague Zoo, is the African savanna. On 2.5 hectares live giraffes, zebras, antelopes and ostriches. From a kind of viewing platform, you can observe the animals. You are relatively far away, but still close enough to enjoy this beautiful view.

Elephant enclosure at Prague Zoo

In the "Elephant Valley", lives a herd of 8 Indian elephants. Among them is the first elephant calf born in a Czech zoo. The enclosure extends over almost 200 meters and offers the animals, among other things, a waterfall.

The complex includes an exhibition worth seeing, which shows with drawings, figures or exhibits, the co-existence between humans and elephants throughout history. Here history is combined with the flair of the zoo.

Prague Zoo – The Sichuan House

The Sichuan House at Prague Zoo, transports you to a dense, Chinese bamboo jungle. Here a lot of birds are fluttering in a very green flora and fauna. If you look closely, you will also see some flying foxes and flying foxes hanging from the ceiling.

The 2 levels of Prague Zoo

The special feature of the Prague Zoo is its geographical location, partly on a mountain, the zoo invites you to take a varied walk. On the south side of the mountain is a rocky cliff, the ideal habitat for Himalayan tahs, ibexes or Barbary macaques.

If you like zoos, you'll love the Prague Zoo. I have been in many zoos and none is as rich in species and fascinating as this one. I always find it important that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate way. This criterion definitely applies to the Prague Zoo. The protection of animals and species is very important here, which is also communicated and implemented by the zoo.

Animals Prague Zoo – An overview

  • typical animals: elephants, big cats, Siberian tigers, Asiatic lions, Amur leopards, clouded leopards and cheetahs), Eurasian wolves and polar bears. Striped hyenas and Malayan bears
  • Ungulate species: West Caucasian ibexes, Himalayan gryphons, plains anoas, Burmese lechwe deer, kiangs, kulans and white-naped moorland antelopes
  • state-of-the-art facilities for the giant tortoises and gorillas, as well as the Africa House for aardvarks, warthogs and other species
  • rare species in Prague Zoo: Malaysia tiger, blue iguana and even Lear's Macaw
  • Outdoor enclosure for red-shielded giraffes, plains zebras and African antelope species
  • Indonesian rainforest with pig monkeys and orangutans
  • Enclosure for Asian elephants, hippos, sable antelopes and bongos
  • here also live the rare Ganges gavials, one of the rarest vertebrates on earth

More inspirations about Prague Zoo?

On the Prague Zoo website, the must-see attractions are listed. This list is well done and should be checked in detail before your visit.

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Have you ever been to Prague or the Czech Republic?? Or do you have another ultimate secret tip for me? Did I forget an important topic for you? Leave me a comment!

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