Reuben Sandwich – THE American classic from New York

For true fans of the Reuben, there is no better sandwich to make. Juicy pastrami generously stacked between slices of fresh rye bread, topped with slices of melty cheese, sauerkraut and a sauce made with spicy Russian dressing. Delicious!

The true home of the Reuben sandwich is, of course, New York, where the first kosher deli opened in the 1880s, and places like Katz still attract sandwich lovers from around the world.

Pastrami, the heart of the sandwich, is also a famous delicacy that has made it onto American menus in a big way from the Katz Deli in lower east Manhattan.

5 ingredients for the perfect Reuben Sandwich

1. Beef it up

Reuben Sandwich - THE American classic from New York

The meat, in this case pastrami, should definitely be top notch. The choice of meat is often divided, although the first Reuben sandwich in New York was prepared with corned beef, the delicious pastrami, however, has become naturalized.

Real pastrami is usually made from pieces of beef brisket. It is a very hearty delicacy and is sliced very thinly. The general method of preparation
Of beef pastrami is now used for other meats. Corned beef, on the other hand, comes from a can and has a longer shelf life.

For my Reuben Sandwich recipe, I use the delicious and juicy , which is the perfect topping for my sandwich with its mild smoked flavor and a delicate coating of paprika and coarse bell pepper. Thinly sliced and so perfect for stacking on top of sandwiches, because pastrami shouldn't be missing out.

In the refrigerated section you can also find Pastrami "Turkey" from the cured turkey breast or Pastrami in pepperoni style, a little more fiery in taste with curry and a mild honey note. You can find more information on the Steinhaus website.

2. The dressing

A good Russian dressing really distinguishes a good Reuben from a bad Reuben sandwich. The delicious Russian dressing, little known here, is a mayonnaise-based base with a touch of horseradish.

The horseradish enhances the flavor and gives the sandwich a small but subtle spicy twist. For my recipe, I make a fresh dressing of mayonnaise, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, horseradish and onion. This sauce is perfect for sandwiches!

3. Coleslaw or sauerkraut?

Reuben Sandwich - THE American classic from New York

A traditional Reuben sandwich has five individual parts – bread, meat, dressing, cheese and sauerkraut. For the cabbage, some like a finer cabbage, others a coarser one. Often the sauerkraut is also steamed or used directly fresh cabbage salad. But the original is made with sauerkraut.

4. The bread

Traditionally, it should be a light, thinly sliced rye bread. While rye bread is commonly used as the base for a traditional Reuben sandwich, toast can also be used. However, a rye bread is always more aromatic and also the toasting in the pan makes the bread crispier than traditional toast bread. Very tasty!

5. Last but not least: The cheese and the cucumbers

Reuben Sandwich - THE American classic from New York

The Reuben sandwich tastes best when the cheese is slightly melted. When the ingredients get warm, it happens automatically when they are toasted. It's best to use delicious Swiss cheese, it goes perfectly with it!

Cucumbers are also part of it – pickled dill cucumbers are the best choice here. Whether these end up on your sandwich or on your plate is up to you.

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