Sardinia Vacation Tips: More than the Emerald Coast

Many people who have never been on vacation in Sardinia, associate with the island only the Costa Smeralda – Emerald Coast. It got its name from the color of the water surrounding the white sand beaches. But this large and beautiful Mediterranean island has more to offer than just a paradise for beach lovers. We present great insider tips that you should definitely have on your radar when vacationing in Sardinia.

Tourists visiting Sardinia for the first time are surprised to find an island so diverse. Mountains just a few kilometers from the wave washed sands and an astonishing number of prehistoric sites, provide for amazement. In particular, the enigmatic round towers of stone, the Nuraghe make a name for themselves with tourists and tourists. As you climb the dark stone stairs and explore the tunnels built in the Bronze and Iron Ages, you will learn more about the secrets these fortresses hide.

Sardinia vacation tips: Immerse yourself in "real life"

If you would like to learn more about life on the island, it is important to make your stay as authentic as possible. For this purpose it is advisable to stay in a vacation apartment. Vacation homes in Sardinia offer you the opportunity to do your own shopping, cooking and experience life first hand. You will immerse yourself in the rhythm of the island and enjoy life as the locals do. In restaurants you will be able to taste typical dishes of the island, which, as you would expect, are dominated by sea animals.

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

On Sardinia you can find the remains of thousands of stone towers. Unfortunately, most of the towers are completely decayed, so that their beauty can hardly be understood anymore. However, there is one attraction that is considered the best preserved and most complete specimen on the island. The Nuraghe Su Nuraxi has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the best archaeological restorations in the entire Mediterranean region. The masonry found in the walls of the tower has been treated with radiocarbon dating back to 1.500 v. Chr. treated until today. Marvel at the tower from the inside and climb the steps to the top. Here you can have a close look at the dome made of dry rock without mortar.

Sardinia vacation tips


Already during your first visit to the city, you will notice the language of the people. It differs greatly from that, other cities in Sardinia. This is Catalan. In the 14. In the sixteenth century a pope gave Sardinia to the king of Aragon, hoping to wrest the island from the control of Pisa and Genoa. He gave control of the island to about 400 families from Aragon and Catalonia, when they shaped the island with a base in Alghero and took control of the local population. In the church of San Francesco the mass is celebrated in Catalan until today.

Capo Caccia and the Neptune Grotto

When it comes to the best Sardinia vacation tips, this point can not be missed. The cape Capo Caccia, almost seven kilometers long, not far from Alghreo, falls steeply into the sea for about 200 meters and is a breathtaking scenery. Here white limestone rocks rise from the shimmering sea. A spectacular landscape.

If you are a little more adventurous, you can go inside the cape to an enchanted labyrinth. There you can explore several caves, including the Neptune Cave. It is one of the greatest natural wonders of Sardinia. The cave is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and can be visited from the sea only when the waves are calm. Around 150.000 tourists visit the famous grotto every year. Who enters it, plunges into another world. The massive stalactites and stalagmites are bathed in a mild yellow-orange light by electric spotlights. Legendary and in any case an experience!

Bosa – Immerse yourself in another age

You are in the mood for a little culture? Then one of our Sardinia vacation tips is to visit Bosa. Already since the 9. Century v. Chr. the town lies at the mouth of the only navigable river in Sardinia. In the middle of the valley, now dominated by farms, you will experience a mixture of medieval streets, stone bridges and pastel colored buildings. Take plenty of time to stroll through the old streets, where modest cottages alternate with large, grand buildings.

The restored mansion Casa Deriu is open as a museum with furnished rooms and an art gallery. Inside the castle there is a chapel from the 13th century. century, where you can admire an unusual fresco from the 14th century. Century can admire.

Sardinia vacation tips

The island archipelago La Maddalena

In the north of Sardinia, off the coast, stretches the island archipelago of La Maddalena. It consists of about 62 small islands. Here you will discover enchanted quiet and lonely places in the midst of the most beautiful nature. On foot or by bike).

If you want it a bit more luxurious (and if you have enough time), you can charter a yacht on Sardinia for a few days and go on an extensive boat trip around the island archipelago for several days. Then you have enough time to dock in front of the countless beaches: For diving, snorkeling or sunbathing.

Alternatively, you can reach the main island of the archipelago, La Maddalena, by ferry. From Palau the crossing takes just 15 minutes.

More Sardinia vacation tips

The journey

Here you usually have two options: By plane or by car and ferry. Both are absolutely feasible. Getting to Sardinia by car is actually quite practical – even if the whole thing takes longer. The connection by ferry convenient: there are connections from Genoa, Civitavecchia, Piombino or Livorno. The routes are a bit longer. That's why it's worth to travel overnight. So you can start your Sardinia vacation directly the next morning. And the best: In this way you have the car directly with you to be able to explore the large island comfortably.

The alternative is to travel by plane. Here it is nevertheless useful to book a rental car. Otherwise it becomes relatively difficult to explore the most beautiful sides of Sardinia on your own and also sometimes spontaneously. This is also the best way to reach all the wonderful beautiful beaches. Because with the bus it will be quite difficult.

At the same time a flight to Sardinia to the airports Olbia and Alghero in the north of the island and the airport Cagliari in the south of Germany takes just two hours.

The most beautiful beaches

Sardinia offers numerous wonderful beaches. And so it is quite difficult to choose the most beautiful bays and beaches. But to name a few, here are the editors' favorites.

  • Cala Spinosa on the small peninsula of Capo Testa: here you can enjoy small, quiet and very beautiful beaches with hidden coves. For those who like it a little more private. Attention: You should be good on foot. Because to get to the beaches you have to climb a bit.
  • La Cinta beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Here you will find white powdered sugar sand and crystal clear water. It is located in the east of the island.
  • Spiaggia Rosa: This unique beach is located in the island archipelago of La Maddaleina (see above), off the north coast of Sardinia. Truly unique: because the beach shimmers in pink hues!
  • La Pelosa beach, not far from the fishing village of Stintino is also worth a trip. Here you will find everything you could wish for as a tourist in Sardinia. Fine sand. Turquoise waters and well chilled drinks. For La Pelosa beach in the north of Sardinia is no longer an insider tip, but still highly recommended.

Food& Drinking in Sardinia

When it comes to Sardinia vacation tips, we should also take a little care of your culinary well-being. The good news in advance: Connoisseurs and lovers of good cuisine will find what they are looking for in Sardinia. The Sardinian cuisine is very sophisticated and has much more to offer than pasta and pizza.

Among the classics is, for example, Pane Carasao. A crispy, paper-thin flatbread. It is often served with meals. Or simply to fine cheese and sausage. The Pecorino Sardo, for example, goes particularly well with Pane Carasao. This is a Sardinian sheep's cheese, which is less salty than the Pecorino we know. In are available in various degrees of ripeness.

Fregola is a special type of pasta in Sardinian cuisine. This is a semolina-like pasta, more reminiscent of bulgur in appearance. It is often served with fresh seafood. And these again are, of course, fresh from the sea. After all, the location of Sardinia is predestined for fresh fish and delicious seafood.

Another must-eat is the Zuppa Gallurese (also known as Zuppa Cuata), which can be found everywhere, especially in the north of the island. It comes from the place Gallurese and is actually not a soup. Instead, it is a kind of lasagna created with bread, Sardinian feta cheese and homemade broth. The Zuppa Gallurese is served fresh from the oven.

And for dessert? We serve dolci sardi, Sardinian sweet delicacies. Here you have a wide choice of delicacies. There is something for everyone.

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