Sights in Eisenach and what else the city has to offer..

This small town also bears the nickname Wartburgstadt or Lutherstadt. Why this is so, can be seen quickly, at the latest when you landed in Eisenach.

Eisenach sights: Old town, 100 stories, legends& Legends

If you love old cities full of history and culture, you will also feel very comfortable in Eisenach in Thuringia.

Around 42.000 people currently live in the city. Traces of first settlements point in Eisenach but already to a 5.500 years of history back. Time enough for many sagas, legends and experiences. Despite all this, the city seems manageable and cozy.

Landmark Eisenach

Wartburg. City charter. Luther. witches. Dichter.

According to a legend, the Wartburg was built as early as 1067, by order of Ludwig the Springer. The castle was actually mentioned in documents for the first time in 1080. The name of the town – Eisenach – first appeared around 1150.

The city has truly seen many rulers come and go. Around 1300 the city fought for the free city right.

From 1350 on Eisenach had to deal with many challenges. First a big fire, which destroyed almost the whole city, followed by two plague epidemics and finally the economic decline of the city.

In 1498 Martin Luther, here still as a student, came to Eisenach for the first time. But its reformation began only 20 years later.

Around 1600, the city was again plagued by fatal fires, a new plague and not to forget the witch hunt and witch trials.

In the 18th century Eisenach became a real city of culture. Poets and thinkers such as Bach, Goethe, Wieland, Carl Friedrich, Johann von Tielmann and others came to the city.v.a. In the course of time, famous people like Napoleon or also August Bebel followed.

Eisenach view

Sights in Eisenach: walk through the city

When I am a guest in such a historical city as Eisenach, I wander through the streets and often imagine how it looked like here 1000 years ago and which famous people were perhaps standing at exactly the same point as I am now.

Believe me, there are a lot of historical buildings and distinctive points in Eisenach and the best way to discover them is to take a walk through the city.

Half-timbered house Eisenach

The Wartburg – Definitely more than a castle!

The Wartburg is without question the landmark of the city of Eisenach. Since 1999 the castle belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What does Wartburg actually mean? You could translate the name Wartburg today in guardian castle.

The Wartburg is an indispensable part of German history. The ascent is a little difficult, I admit… but it is worth it, I promise! The view from the castle is fantastic and the castle itself is very impressive.

Whoever stands on the castle grounds should briefly imagine that Martin Luther (as Junker Jorg) was already hiding here from 1521 to 1522. Goethe was also a guest at the castle several times, as well as many other big names. Elizabeth of Thuringia, who lived in the castle until 1227, was later even canonized.

I could really write a long article about the complete history of the Wartburg, the visitors, the history and and and, so incredibly exciting is what happened on the Wartburg and what the old walls can tell.

But I leave it with this small introduction and would like to urge the readers here rather to visit the Wartburg by all means. Also in combination with a hike from the city center of Eisenach, through the forest, up the mountain to the castle. As said, arduous but really worth it!

Wartburg Castle

Guided tours Wartburg Eisenach

Guided tours take place several times a day at the castle in summer from 8.30 o'clock and in winter from 9 o'clock. Costs for the guided tour from 10 Euro.

Entrance fees Wartburg Eisenach

The entrance to the castle is free. But to really see a lot of the castle you have to join a guided tour.

Opening hours Wartburg Eisenach

From April to October daily from 8.30 o'clock to 20 o'clock. From November to March daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Special events at the Wartburg

In December there are Advent concerts at Wartburg Castle and also an atmospheric Christmas market.

Wartburg Castle

Extra knowledge: Parts of the triology "Love goes through all times" was filmed at Wartburg Castle. Strictly speaking – these are shots from the Wartburg's banquet hall (for the movie "Ruby Red" – first part of the triology).

Eisenach sights: Bach House& Luther House

So dear ones, culture or not… but if you are in Eisenach, a stroll past Bachhaus and Lutherhaus is a must.

Don't worry, all in all Eisenach is not that big… there are honestly only a few minutes walk between the houses. When I was in Eisenach, I was at the Luther House unfortunately only in front of a large construction site … so here are also only a few numbers, facts and figures from the textbook and no personal impression of me ..

The Luther House

The Luther House is one of the oldest, still preserved half-timbered houses in Eisenach. Martin Luther is said to have lived here during his school years from 1498 to 1501.

The house is/was built for over 3 mio. Euro restored. In the Luther House there is an extensive exhibition around Martin Luther. The topics are his life, his idea, the time in which he lived and also his message.

The Bach House:

The Bach House is now a museum. The originally historic, admittedly today somewhat warped half-timbered house, the core of the museum and the birthplace of Bach, is already over 500 years old.

A figure of Johann Sebastian Bach, in front of the museum shows once again clearly, where we are actually here. Since 1907 the house and later also the modern extension serves as a memorial and Bach museum.

So, just go in, especially if it rained really hard like during our stay, and walk on historical tracks.

Visitors can take a look at the historic living quarters, but also discover many other exhibits, such as the Bach painting, the Bach skull, or even the walk-in musical piece.

In such a museum, the guest can easily spend a day, with children and kids it is a bit more difficult. Often, the attention of the little ones does let up a bit after a while. But you should allow yourself about an hour and plan for this time when wandering through the rooms.

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