Tips & Info for the adventure of your life: Traveling alone in Panama

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When you think of traveling alone, you think of the USA or Southeast Asia? How about Central America instead? Panama welcomes you with open arms! The warm nature of Panama's people and the exciting activities on offer make the country an interesting destination for solo travelers. Our local experts have compiled reasons, tips on safety and activities, and suitable spots for you to visit.

Reasons for your solo trip to Panama

One of the islands of San Blas, Panama Ropa Vieja - a traditional dish in Panama Yoga in the mountains of Panama

A trip to Panama is always worthwhile – whether as a couple, in a group or just on your own:

  • The people of Panama are known for their hospitality: if you have a problem, someone will help you
  • Panama offers you a wonderful mix of coastal flair, urban jungle and rainforest: there is something for everyone
  • Considering the following safety tips, Panama is quite safe to travel in
  • The cuisine of the country will appeal to you: Influences from different cultures come together here
  • On the beaches and in the highlands of Panama you can simply switch off

These reasons will convince you to travel alone:

  • If you decide to travel alone, you can choose your itinerary exactly the way you want it
  • Make international contacts: on your trip you will meet other travelers from all over the world and local people
  • Traveling solo will boost your self-confidence and show you that you can rely on yourself

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Safety: Take these tips to heart

The skyline of Panama City at night

The Panama City skyline at night

To make sure nothing happens to you, take these common safety tips seriously. Panama is in principle safe, but especially pickpocketing happens quite often.

Take care of your valuables

This means: don't wear expensive jewelry in public, keep your cell phone, wallet and camera close to your body at all times and only take as much cash as you need.

Don't drift around alone at night

Obvious, but very important. The best thing to do is to make appointments with trustworthy people you have met during your trip. Avoid dark alleys and know which neighborhoods to stay away from. You should take a cab on the way home.

Better safe than sorry

Get the number of a trustworthy cab company from the hotel to avoid unwanted incidents.

Copy your travel documents

Stow original and copy in different places. It is not a mistake to have some passport pictures with you.

But if you do get robbed, cooperate: Valuables can be replaced very quickly.


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