Top 8 Sights in Portugal

What attractions await you in Portugal? Which regions are the most beautiful? In addition to the outstanding hospitality of the Portuguese, you can look forward to stunning coastlines, monasteries steeped in history, volcanic islands and much more. Enjoy our list of the top 8 places to visit in Portugal!

1. Lisbon: The capital

Start with a city full of castles, palaces, churches and views. It is one of Portugal's top sights and definitely not lacking in highlights! Compared to other European capitals, Lisbon is rather small – a city with character that could not be more authentic.

Take the streetcar to explore the old town or stroll through the narrow streets on foot. To get a taste of authentic Lisbon, you should definitely try the typical pastry with your coffee: a Pastel de Belem.

You can explore the capital of Portugal in combination with pleasant movement on the adventure trip Experience Portugal's Highlights.

2. Azores: The volcanic islands

Continuing with a real hiker's paradise! On the Azores you will find a varied landscape. Green mountains and waterfalls mixed with volcanic craters and steep coasts.

The most beautiful thing? The Azores are also considered a secret island of adventure, because they have been spared from mass tourism so far. The archipelago includes nine islands, the largest of which is Sao Miguel.

The Azores are also home to Portugal's largest mountain: Pico, with a height of 2.351 meters.

3. Alentejo: Original Portugal

If you're looking for relaxation and authenticity, the Alentejo is the place to be. In the most sparsely populated region of Portugal, countless grain fields, rolling hills, picturesque villages and unspoiled natural beaches await you.

The landscape in the central south of Portugal is characterized by Celtic, Roman& Moorish testimonies. Although it makes up about a third of Portugal's surface area, the Alentejo is still an insider's tip in our latitudes.

You can hike the Alentejo on unknown paths in a very authentic way.

4. Porto: The Port City

Do you know the port wine? Porto became famous all over the world for this very drink. The old town center of the charming city forms a labyrinth with its winding alleys. The best view of the city is from the tower of the Cathedral Se do Porto.

From Porto you can take a boat trip on the Rio Douro. The river represents the lifeline of Portugal. The tour starts along the port of the city, you pass the wine terraces and go through deep canyons.

You can also discover the port city of Porto on the ASI adventure tour in Portugal!

5. Way of St. James: Caminho Português

Not only in Spain, but also in Portugal you can make a pilgrimage on the Way of St. James. Between Porto and Santiago, first-time pilgrims also come& Long-distance hikers get their money's worth: The "short" Portuguese Way of St. James is only 250 km long and can be completed within two weeks.

After the port city of Porto you hike into the green north of Portugal. The trails cross old Roman bridges and connect small towns, impressive churches and chapels. Bom caminho!

Getting a taste for the Caminho Português? How about this individual variant in 12 days from Porto to Santiago?

6. Centro de Portugal: Traces of the Knights Templar

In the heart of Portugal, the Centro de Portugal, you will find numerous witnesses of an eventful past. Especially the Knights Templar have left their traces here. One of the monuments from this period is the Convento de Cristo monastery in the town of Tomar.

The landscape is characterized by the Serra da Estrela mountain massif, granite villages& Shale, idyllic mountain lakes, thermal springs, fishing villages and extensive beaches on the west coast.

On this adventure trip to the most beautiful highlights of Portugal you will visit among others the Templar cities Tomar and Leiria!

7. Algarve: The picturesque coast

The Algarve is definitely one of the most beautiful sights of Portugal. It is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world in the south of the country. In the Algarve many highlights await you, even off the beaten track. One of them is the secluded beach Praia da Marinha. The impressively shaped cliffs meet turquoise blue sea, while you will find fine golden sandy beaches nestled in the coves.

And then there is the cave of Benagil. In the middle of the cliffs you will come across this huge cave, which you can reach either by boat or stand-up paddle. In the middle of the Benagil cave there is a big hole, which also lets some sun rays through and gives the cave a golden glow.

8. Madeira: Island of the Levadas

There is still a Portuguese island to discover! After the volcanic islands of the Azores now follows the flower island of Madeira. The island is known for its fertility due to the volcanic soil. Accordingly, you will be greeted by a variety of flora and fauna.

For an authentic Madeira experience, stay in one of the traditional quintas. The former houses of noblemen and British merchants are now offered as hotels or guesthouses. Also, don't miss a ride in a wicker sleigh!

Tips for your trip, travelogues& Pictures

As you can see, Portugal has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. Whether relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, impressive hikes in Madeira or sightseeing in the most beautiful cities, there is something for everybody! Below you will find a few more posts that might interest you.

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