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Kansas and the southern neighboring state of Oklahoma are located in the geographic center of North America. Despite this central location, both states are largely undiscovered by us as tourist destinations. Wrongly so, as anyone who has ever been there will confirm. This region offers a unique combination of nature experience, history, art and culture – it just doesn't make a big fuss about it. Especially for America-friends, who have already seen all the "common" roads If you have already seen some of the attractions, here is the opportunity to experience the unspoiled country, its people and the pioneer spirit.

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Northern Kansas: Probably start your trip in Kansas City. Here you should have already noticed when planning your trip that the airport is located in Kansas City, Missouri. That has its correctness, about two thirds of the city lie in the neighboring state of Missouri. The river of the same name forms the border here. Allow yourself a day in the region to get used to the time change. If you are traveling with children, stay at Great Wolf Lodge, a recreational and swimming paradise, ideal for acclimatization. Not far away is the great oval of the Kansas Speedway. More.

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Wamego at the Rt. 24/99 is the "home" of of Dorothy from the famous fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz", which was filmed with Judy Garland in 1939. A very nice Oz museum and a historic dinner theater right next door make for a successful morning.

On the Rt. 24 further west you reach Manhattan. Kansas State University has an enchanting botanical garden that attracts thousands of butterflies. A few miles outside, at the Rt. 70, lies Fort Riley. Situated on the Santa Fe Trail, Fort Riley had in the mid-19th. more.

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If you don't think of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday or the TV series "Smoking Guns" when you think of Dodge City, you will thinks, he has an educational gap in the matter of Wild West. The legendary city of great cattle trails and wild years is still one of the great transshipment points for cattle. The historic part of Front Street is the Boot Hill Museum with the typical buildings of a western town: saloon, blacksmith, gun dealer, barber, sheriff's office and jail.

If you drive from Dodge City on the Rt. 50 back east, or head south from Salina. more.

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Now we would like to recommend an alternative route, which is especially worthwhile if you also have Oklahoma on your tour plan: Via I- 69 to Fort Scott and then further via Rt. 39 to Chanute and then on I-169 to Coffeyville.

In Louisburg, you'll pass by the Louisburg Cider Mill. For those who know a cider and apple wine from home, an interesting experience – just try it.

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