Travel news: Mandatory masks and tourist tax

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(CNN) – U.S. mask requirement for planes and public transportation lifted, Venice introduces entrance fee for tourists, and Chicago's O'Hare International Airport gets $8.5 billion makeover.

Here are the great travel reports of this week.

Masks and chaos

Cancelled flights. Understaffed airports. Car rental costs skyrocket. Despite the easing of restrictions and the stabilization of covid rates, this should be a was difficult for travel.

A federal judge ruled Monday that the government's mask mandate for airplanes and public transportation is illegal, but two days later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it had asked the Justice Department to appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, video has surfaced that appears to show former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson punching other airline passenger.

Reconstruction of the airport

Chicago O'Hare International Airport was the busiest airport in the world for decades, but it's notorious for congestion and poor customer satisfaction. A new $8.5 billion renovation will transform this huge Midwest hub.

Tourism Dollars

Global travel and tourism GDP could return to 2019 levels by next year, says expert hopeful new forecast from World Travel and Tourism Council.

He also believes tourism will drive global economic recovery and create one in three new jobs. Some U.S. airlines are also expecting record income from this.

In Venice, however, some of those tourism dollars will come from a new come 10€ entrance fee (ca. $11), which will be introduced next year. It will be the first city in the world to introduce an entrance fee. However, Wales and Edinburgh are among other European destinations considering a tourist tax.

The CDC has revised its travel warning listThis means that many countries that previously enforced a "do not travel" notice now simply "need to be up to date with your Covid 19 vaccines before traveling".

The future of cruising

Our new series of monthly cards was launched this week with a look at the continued the most beautiful cruise cabins. We're talking about 200 worth of mattresses.000 U.S. dollars, cashmere bedding, whirlpools, slides in the suites and TVs so big they're home theater level.

Unusual airlines

Smintair – short for Smoker's International Airways – was the second of two tobacco-themed airlines that couldn't raise enough capital.

Karlheinz Schindler/Picture Alliance/dpa/AP

Did you know that the Hooters restaurant chain once had its own airline, complete with "Hooters Girls" in tank tops? Or that a Florida airline called Smokers Express tried to offer passengers steaks and burgers on board with a side of free cigarettes?

No sand? No problem

A luxury resort on a private island in Panama has unveiled a new "air" beach.

The resort town of Bocas Bali in Panama had everything but a beach. So they built one27 meters long and, unusually for sandy beaches, above water.

In case you missed it

Will the world's largest airplane be able to fly again?

On Easter weekend 1998, two strangers met on a New York dance floor.

By train across Canada.

The best water bottles

The ideal reusable water bottle is lightweight, durable, easy to drink, doesn't leak and keeps hot hot and cold cold. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN-owned product review and recommendation guide, tested water bottles on the market in 2022 and selected the best of the best.

Image above: Venice introduces an entrance fee for day trippers starting in 2023.

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