Travel Plans: 5 City Trips for 2019

Travel Plans: 5 city trips for 2019

I love city trips! In 2018, it unfortunately didn't work out to actually visit five cities for at least one weekend, but I still have my sights set on five destinations I'd like to see in 2019 as well. For a few days, sort of like a short vacation, sometimes with my husband and sometimes with my best friend or friends. I'm looking forward to discovering new destinations and seeing old ones again this year. What are your travel plans for this year?

Actually, I already wanted to go to Vienna in 2018, and I don't even really know why it didn't work out. Because actually, it's not even that far from Munich, and you could easily go there for a weekend. For 2019 Vienna is therefore also on top of the bucket list! Because I've heard so much about the city by now, that it's about time that I get a picture of my own. The beautiful old buildings, coffeehouses and the Prater…I am very curious!


After being an au pair near Paris, I once said that I wanted to come back there at least once a year – unfortunately, that hasn't really worked out so far. But what is not, can still become! That's why Paris is definitely on my bucket list for this spring. I've loved the city since I've been there for a while, and I'm already looking forward to walking through the alleys of Montmartre or my favorite neighborhood Saint Paul, eating relaxed croissants in the morning and of course seeing my host family again. Nothing is planned yet, but after it didn't work out in 2018, it just has to work out in 2019.


Another city I have seen several times, but would still like to visit again: Berlin. While I'm probably going there twice already, both times I won't really have time to experience anything of the city. And that's why I would like to go there this year with my best friend – I don't know when yet, but I'd like to go when it's warmer. Because I have been there several times in winter, and I would like to experience the city in summer. And the advantage, if you already know the sights of a city anyway: just let yourself drift and see what else is there.


I would also like to go to Italy again this year. Last year I was together with my husband in Venice and Verona, this year it should go to Florence. And also in summer, so we can eat a lot of Italian ice cream. I am already looking forward to it!


And last but not least: Budapest! A city I've heard an incredible amount about and would love to finally visit for myself. I have friends there from two semesters abroad that I would like to see again sometime, and this could be combined very well. Now I just need a suitable date, and the planning can begin!

What are your plans for city trips in 2019? Do you already have concrete ideas or plans? And have you ever been in one of the cities mentioned above?? Then I am curious about your tips!

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