Vacation in Saarland – 11 regional culinary tips

Oh how tasty (and beautiful) is the Saarland? Saarland is perhaps one of the lesser known states in Germany. It is located in the southwest corner, near the border triangle with France and Luxembourg.

Saarland has a lot to offer in the way of culinary delights, as the small federal state likes to call itself a region of enjoyment. The Saarland definitely deserves this title, because regionalism, seasonality and hospitality are particularly important here on the Saar. You can find my 11 tips for a (culinary) vacation in Saarland in this article.

Vacation in Saarland – 11 regional culinary tips

1. The Saarschleife and stay overnight in the lodge

Vacation in Saarland - Saarschleife treetop path

A view like from a picture book! And yes, I really took this photo like this. From . This path is barrier-free and accessible to really everyone. There is a 6% incline on the level path, which provides a special view at the end at 407 meters above the natural wonder of the Saarschleife.

The Saarschleife is a breakthrough valley of the Saar River. The Saar River has carved its way into the stone over millions of years, creating a breathtaking natural experience. Perfect at any time of day!

Directly at the foot of the Saarschleife is the in July 2021 newly opened , which is a perfect accommodation for nature lovers. From the Saar houses you have a direct view of the Saar and also in the tree houses you can just feel good. The lodge is the perfect starting point for hiking or biking tours and a place for those who are looking for tranquility during their vacation in Saarland.

Since the Saarland is also wonderfully accessible by bus and train, climate-neutral travel is a big issue at the Saarschleifenlodge! The owners promote climate-neutral travel is rewarded here – whether by bus, train, ferry or the lodge's own shuttle – whoever protects the environment is rewarded for it right at check-in.

Of course the theme "ecological" footprint is reflected in the concept of the whole lodge. Many parts of the old buildings in the Saarschleifenlodge have been converted and are now used as furniture in the rooms. The large lodge house with no less than 200 years on the hump and was maintained by the owner with much effort and is now a place of hospitality.

Culinary one moves here also in the area of the regional kitchen. A full breakfast buffet with things that no one eats, you look here in vain. The small and fine selection comes from producers in the region. And you can taste it!

2. Villa Borg in Perl – Roman cuisine and classics

Villa Borg in Perl - Roman cuisine and classics

In Perl, right on the Luxembourg border, there is a reconstructed villa complex that gives an idea of how privileged people lived in Roman times. The open-air museum includes an archaeological museum, with magnificent villa baths and many beautiful gardens in which the bees are buzzing.

villa borg perl Christian Heinsdorf Jessica niedergesab

In the is Christian Heinsdorf the figurehead for creative (partly Roman) cuisine. That he comes from the Saarland, you notice immediately and the local cuisine he lives and loves in perfection.

The products and dishes are made according to artisan tradition. Homemade and regional produce a distinctive taste. The game comes from the local hunting grounds, the wine from wineries nearby and also the famous Lukan sausage from a butchery nearby.

villa borg perl roman dishes

Even for the International Space Station ISS was cooked here in the tavern. Christian Heinsdorf is also known for the wall menu he created. The Saarland and has decided to take a piece of home and for this Heinsdorf created a sustainable and regional 2-course menu.

At the end of 2021, his creation of venison stew with Hoorische (a potato dumpling from the Saarland) and a potato and Riesling cream soup will go on a pleasure mission into space with Matthias Maurer.

Maurer menu Christian Heinsdorf Hoorische and venison stew

3. A herb hike in the Bliesgau Biosphere

vacation in the Saarland bliesgau biosphere

The UNESCO Biosphere Bliesgau is a special one on the border to France. Here you will find countless hiking and biking trails, organic farms and beautiful viewpoints. Herbs grow wild here and on every meadow. Depending on the season, you can find all kinds of medicinal herbs and wild herbs for regional dishes. During a vacation in the Saarland one does not come past at the Bliesgau.

Herbal hike Saarland bliesgau Biosphere

The Cafe Saisonal in Gersheim is the place to go for those who like to try dishes with herbs. Gabi Steinmann offers to go to the Bliesgau and collect herbs with the participants for a delicious lunch.

vacation in the Saarland bliesgau Biosphere

On the herb walk you get to know real rarities, which are only found in Saarland and also in the Bliesgau. It is always explained what the herb can be used for. The following lunch always depends a little on the yield. On this day we prepared a delicious pesto from ribwort, common plantain, wild oregano, red clover, meadow ragwort and pimpinelle.

Vacation in Saarland- culinary tour through Saarbrucken

In Saarland you notice one thing immediately – the passion for high-quality and regional products. This passion is reflected in many corners and stands for the Genuss Region Saarland. Whether a visit to a farm, a gourmet evening or a cooking class, lovers of regional cuisine will get their money's worth here.

Restaurants that are Genusspartner must have a certain number of Saarland dishes on the menu, producers specialize in local fruits and vegetables and sustainable cultivation methods. Of course, the topic of sustainability is not neglected in the concept of the Genussregion, because fresh food from producers around the corner make up the Saarland hospitality.

Here you can learn more about the . By the way, all the establishments presented here are partners of the Genussregion (Gourmet Region).

4. Kalinski's sausage farm& Gin Bar – down-to-earth enjoyment

Kalinski's sausage restaurant Saarbrucken

Kalinski is all about the sausage. And namely around the regional sausage with creative ways of preparation. has been an institution in Saarbrucken's city center since 2014. The line at the little store is always long, the whole street smells heavenly of fried food and everyone has a smile on their face.

This is not least due to the creative dishes, which are also vegan or vegetarian. The meat comes from the local butcher and the rest from farmers and farms in the region. Especially delicious? The Currywurst Chevre Chaud. A grilled sausage from milk-fed calf with a fruity curry sauce as well as goat cheese, thyme and honey. In addition one of the 50 different types of gin. Perfect!

5. Ice cream from Henry's Eismanufaktur

Henry's ice cream factory Saarbrucken

Craftsmanship also exists in ice cream production. At there is delicious milk ice cream and also fruity (vegan) sorbets. And the best? Everything comes without artificial colors and preservatives.

The Bliesgaumolkerei, where the milk for the ice cream comes from, refers to the region in its name. In 2009 the region was recognized as a. As a Bioland farm, the goal of regional value creation is pursued here.

6. Bread& Senses – pure bread from the region of pleasure

Bread and senses Saarbrucken

On entering the store in Saarbrucken's city center, it is immediately clear in which direction the visit is heading. Bread and baked goods smile at the visitor from the shelves.

is a modern bakery located in the middle of Saarbrucken's city center on St. Johanner Market. What sets them apart is the fresh production by hand. There is also bread, baked goods, sandwiches, salads and baguettes – also vegetarian and vegan. With the processed ingredients much importance is attached to regionality.

7. Black Hen roasting craft and Rimonco spice manufactory

Black Hen roasting craft and Rimonco spice manufactory Saarbrucken

from Saarbrucken is a regional coffee roastery for extraordinary specialty coffee from organic cultivation. Coffee is not a mass product here, but a passion. A sustainable approach is at the forefront of every creation and every roast. We buy from small-scale producers at fair prices.

Right next door in the same building is the . Handicraft is also here in the first place. All spices are partly selected according to organic guidelines, hand-mixed and hand-packed. Whether spice mixtures, herbs or even special salts. Here everyone will find what they are looking for!

8. Cafe Kostbar – Regional and seasonal

8th Cafe Kostbar - Regional and seasonal Saarbrucken

The Cafe Kostbar is located in the trendy Nauwieser quarter. Here you meet in the evening for a beer or a good glass of wine. In a backyard is the wonderful , which has 50% vegetarian dishes on the menu. In addition everything is seasonal and above all also regional. The menu changes regularly and includes many delicacies from the Saarland, especially from the Bliesgau.

Regional enjoyment on vacation in Saarland

9. Wine from the Saarland

vacation in Saarland wineries

Winegrowing and the Saarland – it just goes together. The Saarland wine may not come from the Saar, but from the Upper Moselle, right in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg

On an area of about 130 hectares, mainly vines with white Burgundy varieties grow on shell limestone soils. The Auxerrois is a particular specialty from these soils. About a dozen winegrowers in the Saarland produce fruity and light wines that go ideally with food.

wine from the Saarland

Many of the wineries on the Upper Moselle have a factory outlet, offer tastings or even guided tours through the vineyards. Thus the vacation in the Saarland can become then also a ausgbieitgen route by the vineyards. You can learn more about the variety of Saarland wines.

10. French cuisine at Chez David

Chez David Saarbrucken

This is the realm of chef David Nussbaum, who, as the restaurant name suggests, has French roots. With a modern and regional cuisine, he surprises his guests with many specialties, some of which have a French touch.

Here in the restaurant, the pate de maison is homemade, ham and salami are home-smoked, and even the salmon is smoked in-house.

The various products come from the region. Sustainability, organic products and tracing the products used back to the farmer is very important here in the restaurant, so the chef always processes his meat and various vegetables from the organic farm Welsch in Rubbenheim whole.

11. Hammerle's Restaurant – Taste like from another star

Geheirade with ham and sage Hammerle Maurer menu

"What once started as a curry sausage joint, turned into one of the best restaurants in Saarland", writes the Gault Millau in its restaurant guide. In his restaurant, star chef Cliff Hammerle conjures up a French-inspired, but also regional dishes. Hammerle uses natural products from the local Bliesgau region in the preparation of its dishes. And you can taste it!

Hammerle has also created a Maurer menu that also goes into space with the ISS. Here it can not be more down to earth. Two Saarland classics have made it into outer space: Geheirade with ham and sage and Rostige Ritter with vanilla sauce and apples.

Geheirade, this is a Saarland speciality, which is particularly interesting for lovers of side dishes. Perhaps even a national dish of the Saarland and consist of potatoes, flour dumplings (or Mehlkneppcher) and a bacon sauce, which in this case is further refined with sage.

In America this dessert is called "French Toast", in the Saarland it is the "Poor Knights" preferably in a "rusty" version with cinnamon. Rusty knights are stale bread baked in butter with beaten egg and milk and sugar and breadcrumbs. Served at the end with cinnamon and so simple and perfect.

creme brûlee goat cheese and basil min-sorbet hammerles

The signature dish in Hammerle's restaurant, however, is the delicious goat cheese creme brûlee with basil-mint sorbet. The fresh goat cheese from the Bliesgau region gives the cream a special freshness and lightness. The sorbet is the perfect cool counterpart, which with its acidity is a complement to the dessert.

If you want to eat at Hammerle's, you have to book well in advance, because the restaurant is usually booked up 5 months in advance. But it is always worth to wait – and the vacation in the Saarland is usually planned in advance.

Do you have any questions about my culinary tips for vacations in Saarland?

All tips I have compiled after a short trip through Saarland. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help you in the comments!

This article was written in cooperation with the Tourismus Zentrale Saarland and reflects my experiences and impressions on site, in the implementation I was completely free.

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