VTL360: Virtual Travel Lounge on test

Put on your glasses – and you find yourself on the most beautiful beaches in the world, on the Great Wall of China, on a cruise ship, or in the business lounge of a luxury hotel: sounds incredible? But it is feasible – and has been for several years now. Berlin-based Interactive CMS brings virtual glasses to travel agencies, taking travel advice to a new level. Editor-in-chief Friederike Hintze has entered the so-called VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge ..

Actually, virtual glasses are more familiar from the entertainment industry. Berlin-based Interactive CMS adapted the technology for the tourism industry and is present in over 100 travel agencies across Germany with the VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge. The idea: on virtual glasses, travel agency customers can take 360-degree walk-throughs of hotels, cruise ships and even places before their trip. The advantage: You can accurately assess whether the upgrade to the junior suite is worth it, whether you like the amenities or the view.

VTL360 Virtual Travel

VTL 360 glasses as a sales aid

One of the travel agencies offering the VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge to its customers is the Lufthansa City Center Fides Reisen in Berlin-Moabit. Here, people agree on the usefulness of virtual glasses in the tourism sector: "Of course, it's a selling point," says Olimpia Rambowska. The tourism agent said the offer has been well received by customers. It is not uncommon for doubters to opt for a better room category after trying out the glasses.

VTL360 Virtual Travel

VTL360: Just in Berlin, now on the Great Wall of China

VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge can display not only hotels and cruise ships, but also tourist attractions. The system has now stored over 3000 images in 4K quality. The customer can simply look at the destinations on the world map and dive into the virtual space, looking left and right, up and down.

When reality and virtuality blur

Even moving images, for example short video recordings of dog sled rides, can be visualized. This is fascinating and irritating at the same time, because it blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality. "Those who are afraid of heights will still feel the sensation of fear when they are in a virtual room at lofty heights, even with the virtual goggles on. If you get dizzy on a sled ride, you'll get dizzy in real life, too," explains Carsten Fischer, Managing Director of Interactive CMS.

The special USP of the Berlin company, however, is the fact that the customer's virtual experience can be mirrored on a second screen. Only then can the travel agent use the VTL360 Travel Lounge as an advisory tool and, while the customer is still in another room, highlight the advantages of the hotel, cruise ship or airline lounge. For this purpose, the Berlin-based company developed its own software, which even Samsung uses to visualize its virtual glasses.

How useful is the VTL 360 Virtual Travel Lounge for the business traveler??

How easy and stress-free a business trip could be if you knew in advance whether the first class lounge was worth the money, on which floor the room in the business hotel was located and how the meeting room was equipped. Still a dream of the future. Because the focus of the VTL360 Virtual Travel Lounge is currently more on leisure trips. But that could change soon, thinks Carsten Fischer, so that frequent travelers can also use the technology for their next business trip.

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