What rights are needed abroad

What Rights Are Required Abroad

When planning a trip abroad, be sure to consider whether a driver's license makes sense for you. If you want to travel by car or rent a car in the host country, this is of course simply necessary. If you're traveling on a package tour, ask your tour operator what the laws are on the roads of the country you're traveling to. An international driver's license is required in most countries.

An international driver's license (IDL) consists of a ledger and a small plastic card that duplicates the information on your main license in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese). Both the book and the plastic card have several degrees of protection: holograms and watermarks.

To issue an IDP in Russia, you must present your Russian driver's license, passport, international passport, 2 photos, original and photocopy of a medical certificate and pay a fee. The application process is quite simple and does not require passing any special tests or exams.

If you have not managed to obtain an IDP in your home country, you can do so in your host country, as the International Automobile Association helps tourists in many countries around the world to obtain documents that allow them to drive a vehicle.

Note, however, that an international certificate without your Russian, i.e. the original, is considered invalid and therefore should be presented together abroad.

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