Where to stay in Puerto Rico: 15 Best Areas

Know where to stay in Puerto Rico? If not, look no further. In this blog you will learn all about the best areas to stay in Puerto Rico and what advantages they offer. Let's get started!

Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of the Virgin Islands, which is an unincorporated territory of the United States. With beautiful beaches, fabulous cities, and incredible national parks, Puerto Rico is an absolutely amazing place that has something to offer for everyone.

Before we begin, I would like to share some tips and information with you. These are things to consider to make sure you choose the best place to stay in Puerto Rico.

For example, those who prioritize history should stay in Old San Juan. Not only does it offer a wide range of attractions, but it is also conveniently located near a major airport and all kinds of amenities.

If you want to explore the entire archipelago during your visit, you'll want to stay in Fajardo, as it's on the east coast and has a beautiful marina.

Cabo Rojo has the largest selection of beaches at 127, so it will appeal to all types of beach lovers. However, if you value quality over quantity, Isla Verde is considered one of the best beaches on the main island of Puerto Rico.

Dorado and Ponce both offer a wide variety of golf courses, making them suitable for players of all skill levels. Meanwhile, Rincon is better suited for those interested in surfing competitions.

There will even be those who prefer to spend most of their trip off the mainland exploring the wilderness. In this case, both Culebra Island and Vieques Island have a lot to offer.

If you keep these and similar issues in mind while reading, choosing where to stay in Puerto Rico will be as easy as possible.

Old San Juan, where to stay for the first time in Puerto Rico

We begin our search on the main island, in the capital of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan. The third oldest city under the jurisdiction of the United States is filled with rich history dating back to the early 1500s, so you can truly explore the island's past.

Most of the buildings in the old town of San Juan have a distinctly Spanish architectural style, so you can immerse yourself in the culture of the region. This is a big part of the reason why Old San Juan is considered the main cultural tourist attraction in Puerto Rico.

The oldest mansion still in use in the Americas, La Fortaleza, and El Palacio De Santa Catalina; Fort San Cristobal and Fort San Felipe Del Morro are the most historic buildings in Old San Juan, part of the San Juan Historic Site.

The Cathedral of San Juan Bautista is a perfect example of San Juan's religious history. With stunning architecture and artwork, as well as the tomb of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon, it perfectly combines Puerto Rico's history and culture.

Other interesting buildings in Old San Juan include the City Hall, the Diputacion Provincial and Real Intendencia buildings, Casa Blanca, Casa Rosa, San Jose Church, El Convento Hotel, Teatro Tapia, Paseo de la Princesa and the Ballaja Barracks, which now houses the Ballaja Museum.

Beautiful, cobblestone streets wind through San Juan, connecting the buildings of Old San Juan with other attractions such as the Maria Magdalena De Pazzis Cemetery.

There are even a number of beautiful squares in the old town of San Juan, such as the Plaza De Armas. Here you can sit back and enjoy a meal or drink while taking in the beautiful architecture and culture of Old San Juan.

Old San Juan also has the advantage of being close to the modern part of San Juan, which is connected by beautiful bridges and a causeway. In downtown San Juan, you'll find a wide selection of the best restaurants, bars, stores and accommodations in Puerto Rico.

If you're looking for the best area for families near Old San Juan, check out Condado. Condado has many restaurants and bars, a lagoon, beach resorts with outdoor pools, on-site casinos, an outdoor terrace and plenty of family entertainment for children.

There is even a great selection of hostels and more affordable accommodations. This means that staying in Puerto Rico is the best city for budget travelers to save money.

They put all this together and it makes Old San Juan one of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico for all kinds of different travelers.

Stay in Old San Juan if you want to stay in the busiest city on the main island; you want to be close to the San Juan airport; you are interested in the historical sights of Puerto Rico and within walking distance of the attractions; you want plenty of bars, restaurants and good nightlife.

The best accommodations in San Juan:

  • Best Luxury Hotel: Condado Vanderbilt Hotel This 5-star beachfront hotel welcomes you to San Juan, just steps from Condado Lagoon. Look forward to an outdoor pool, spa and wellness center, restaurant, and fitness center. Each room in the hotel has a TV, air conditioning, a seating area, a refrigerator, a dining area with a coffee maker, and a private bathroom with a bathtub or shower and a hairdryer.
  • Best Middle Class Hotel: Hotel El Convento This 4-star hotel is located in the heart of the historic old town of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Look forward to a pool, a hot tub overlooking San Juan Bay, a fitness center, a library, 2 on-site restaurants, and a business center. It offers rooms with Spanish decor, refrigerators, goose down pillows, flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.
  • Best Budget Hotel: CasaBlanca Hotel This modern hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a rooftop sun terrace with stone bathtubs, and a panoramic elevator. Rooms at this 3-star hotel feature local art, quality bedding, original floors and views of the courtyard.


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Santurce (San Juan), where you can stay in Puerto Rico for the nightlife

Our next destination from Santurce is actually a subdistrict or barrios of San Juan. The largest, most populated barrios in the city, it is one of the most densely populated areas on the island.

It is known as a cultural hotspot with vibrant art, cuisine, fashion, film, music and textile industries in the region. This makes it the perfect place in Puerto Rico for those looking for a vibrant nightlife, or the opportunity to try some of the best Puerto Rican cuisine.

For those who want to delve deeper into the arts of Puerto Rico, the Ballets De San Juan and the Luis A. Ferre Performing Arts Centre fabulous places to enjoy the local style. The same can also be said of some of the fabulous architecture in the area.

Meanwhile, a collection of museums, including the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art and GalerIa Casa Jefferson, are ideal for history buffs who want to learn more about Puerto Rico's past.

There is also a large collection of churches and synagogues throughout Santurce. This is a good example of the religious diversity in the city.

There are numerous beach areas along the coast, which Santurce shares with 6 different bodies of water. This ensures that you will be able to find the type of beach you are looking for, whether you want relaxing days of sunbathing or something more energetic.

As the tourist reputation continues to grow, amenities and lodging options are constantly popping up. This further contributes to the well-rounded nature of this part of Puerto Rico.

Stay at Santurce if you want to stay in one of the neighborhoods in the greater San Juan area; nightlife is important to you; you're interested in art, architecture, or history; you want a wide range of amenities and facilities; you want to stay somewhere with access to a beach and a city.

Best Places to Stay in San Juan:

  • Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
  • Hyatt Place San Juan – Downtown,
  • San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino


Isla Verde, where to stay in Puerto Rico for couples

Isla Verde is located just east of San Juan. A slightly quieter, residential neighborhood, it's a fantastic location for those who want easy access to the city while staying in an area that offers more peace and space.

Isla Verde is especially known for some of the best beaches on the north coast of Puerto Rico, including Isla Verde Beach and Carolina Public Beach. These have water sports facilities and are surrounded by beach resorts, so you're never too far from everything you need.

For those seeking a more tranquil beach experience, Isla Verde Beach also offers facilities such as a beach bar and rentable chairs and umbrellas. This ensures that even those looking for a relaxing day to top up their tan will have just as much fun.

They also have the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, better known as San Juan Airport, the largest international airport in Puerto Rico. This makes Isla Verde ideal for those who want to stay close to the airport so they don't miss a flight, waste time or have to lug their luggage all over Puerto Rico.

Stay in Isla Verde if you want to stay close to the main airport in Puerto Rico and Old San Juan; you want to stay in a luxury beach resort and spend a lot of time on the beach;

The best accommodations in Isla Verde:

  • Royal Sonesta San Juan
  • Hampton Inn& Suites San Juan
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton San Juan – Hotel& Casino


Rio Grande, where you can stay in Puerto Rico for outdoor activities

Further east along the north coast of Isla Verde, Rio Grande is a secluded beach town in a coastal valley. Off the beaten path, Coco Beach is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

Some of the best hotels and resorts in Puerto Rico offer all the luxuries you could want during your stay. The secluded location gives you the freedom to truly relax, away from prying eyes.

Local stores, bars and restaurants make up the bulk of the amenities in town. They should have everything you need to complete your relaxing vacation, while helping to immerse you in the spirit of your destination.

Annual festivals such as the Rio Grande Carnival in July, the Las Picuas Festival in September and the Stuffed Potato Festival in April offer many seasonal attractions, depending on the time of visit.

Perhaps the most popular attraction, however, is El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System. While the forest is divided among many barrios, Rio Grande contains the largest portion, located just a short drive away.

The forest covers more than 28.000 hectares and is divided into four different sections, each with its own tree and plant life. The forest is home to a variety of animals and birds that you can spot, while there are also a number of man-made watchtowers from which you can get a better view.

At El Portal Rainforest Centre, learn about the plants and animals that call the forest home. There are also exhibits, classrooms, labs and even a theater where you can learn more about rainforests and their current condition around the world.

Stay at Rio Grande if you are an adventure lover who wants to do a lot of outdoor activities; you want to stay in a luxurious beach resort; you want to explore El Yunque National Forest and stay near the beach towns of Fajardo and Luquillo.

Best Places to Stay in Rio Grande:

  • St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico
  • Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf& Beach Resort
  • Margaritaville Vacation Club Wyndham Rio Mar


Luquillo, best place to stay in Puerto Rico for authentic experience

Luquillo, best area in Puerto Rico to stay for authentic experience

Immediately east of Rio Grande is the town of Luquillo at the beginning of the northeast ecological corridor. As a protected area that contributes to the conservation of forests, wetlands, beaches, corals and habitats of rare or endangered species, it is an incredible place for those interested in wildlife or conservation.

The town itself is a small, quaint destination with a beautiful square and local stores that give it a truly authentic feel. They host festivals throughout the year to promote their wares and promote their conservation efforts.

The Festival of the Leatherback Turtles in April, the Festival De Zangueros in June, the Coconut Festival in September and the Traditional Cooking Festival in December are wonderful experiences and very good causes.

Perhaps the most notable and entertaining festival, however, is the Fiestas Patronales De San Jose, which takes place in March. This is when the people of the towns celebrate their patron saint, with parades, games, artisans, rides, live entertainment and locally sourced foods.

Like many parts of Porto Rico, Luquillo has a wide variety of beaches to choose from. With 14 available, you have plenty to choose from. Some are surrounded by beautiful coconut groves, others by restaurants, and some even have monuments for you to explore.

This ensures that you have plenty of choices during your stay in Puerto Rico, no matter what type of beach you like.

Public transportation is almost non-existent in the city, so you may need a rental car or cab to get around. However, many of the beaches are just a short walk from each other, so you don't have to worry if you just want to relax.

Stay in Luquillo if you want to participate in one of the festivals; you want a wide selection of beaches; you want to stay in an ecological conservation corridor; you want to explore a national forest.

The best accommodations in Luquillo:

  • Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn
  • Yunque Mar Beach Hotel
  • Casa Coral


Fajardo, where to stay in Puerto Rico for island vacations and beaches

Fajardo, where to stay in Puerto Rico for island vacations

Fajardo is again located further east along the coast, this time in the very northeast of the island. It is perhaps the most popular destination in all of Puerto Rico for those in the boating community.

Surrounded by islets and other islands of the archipelago of Puerto Rico, it is a fabulous destination for those who want to do a bit of island hopping. The Puerto Del Rey marina is an ideal place to park your yacht or book a tour on the water to make the most of your stay in Puerto Rico.

A collection of 46 beaches also offers some of the greatest choices in Puerto Rico. Whether you just want to relax and top up your tan or engage in activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, you're sure to find a beach that suits your needs.

These beaches are surrounded by some of the best restaurants and hotels on the island. After a long day in the ocean, there's no better way to unwind than with fresh seafood and a night in luxurious accommodations.

Attractions such as a lighthouse, Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, cathedral, bioluminescent lagoon bay and a U.S. Customs House perfectly complement the beautiful town square, harbors, national parks and reserves that surround the area. Meanwhile, Fajardo is incredibly easy to get to thanks to its own airport.

Stay in Fajardo if you're interested in sailing around the archipelago; you want an incredible selection of beaches; you're a fan of fresh seafood; you want to be near a small airport; you want to visit Culebra Island and Vieques Island.

The best places to stay in Puerto Rico in Fajardo:

  • El Conquistador Resort
  • A Seascape Guest Room
  • Suenos del Mar


Culebra Island, where to stay in Puerto Rico The best beaches

Culebra Island is one of the smaller islands in the Puerto Rico archipelago east of Fajardo, off the coast of the main island. Its name translates to "snake island" and it is the least populated community in Puerto Rico.

It is a popular destination for foreigners and Puerto Ricans of the main island, due to its incredible collection of beaches, including Playa Flamenco, Playa Tamarindo, Las Vacas Beach, Brava Beach, Larga Beach, Punta Soldado Beach, Resaca Beach, Tortuga Beach and Zoni Beach.

Playa Flamenco, also known as Flamenco Beach, is perhaps the most popular option, having previously been considered the 3. rated the best beach in the world. A sandy beach surrounded by tree-covered hills is perfect for those looking for an idyllic tropical getaway.

While the beaches are the main attractions on Culebra Island, it is also known as a hotspot for animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. You can see sea turtles while scuba diving.

The most famous area is the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which covers about 6 square kilometers. An important area for nesting 13 species of birds and 3 species of sea turtles, it is a great opportunity to see some unique wildlife.

There are even a selection of festivals that take place throughout the year, such as the windsurfing competition in February, the fishing tournament in March and the craft festivals in November. Undoubtedly, however, the biggest and most important festival is the Patron Festival in July.

Also known as Fiestas Patronales De Nuestra Senora Del Carmen, it is a religious and cultural celebration in honor of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Parades, games, crafts, rides, live entertainment and Puerto Rican delicacies provide a fabulous glimpse into the local way of life for those lucky enough to be present when it takes place.

Stay in Culebra Island if you want to spend some time relaxing on the beach; you plan to spend most of your trip on the beach; you are interested in wildlife; you want easy access to Vieques Island and Culebrita Island.

Best places to stay in Culebra:

  • Club Seabourne Hotel
  • Villa Ensenada Honda
  • Culebra Island Villas


Vieques Island with beautiful white sand beaches

Vieques Island, with beautiful white sand beaches

Vieques Island is located south of Culebra Island and is another small island in the Caribbean that is a former U.S. Naval base. Similar to its neighbor, it features some of the highest rated beaches in the area, like Mosquito Bay Beach, with beautiful white sand beaches and bright blue waters.

The most popular attraction is undoubtedly Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay, one of the 5 listed national natural landmarks in Puerto Rico. Recognized as the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, visitors have the unique opportunity to swim or kayak in an area of true natural beauty.

Overlooking Mosquito Bay Beach, you can even sit back and relax on the sand while enjoying the view. This makes it an ideal, picturesque spot for lazy beach days to top up your tan.

The other popular attraction on the island is the Vieques Island National Wildlife Refuge. Filled with beaches, lagoons and forests, as well as rare and endangered animals, it's a great way to relax and unwind, surrounded by nature as opposed to people.

There are even a number of festivals that take place here, such as the Epiphany Festival in January, the Vieques Cultural Festival in June and the Festival De La Arepa in August and September. These are wonderful experiences if you visit at the right time.

Stay on Vieques Island if you want to visit a national nature reserve; you want to participate in one of the festivals; you want to see the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world; you want to spend a lot of time on the beach.

Best Puerto Rico Accommodations in Vieques:

  • Acacia Guesthouse
  • Esperanza Inn
  • The Wave Hotel


Isabela, best area in Puerto Rico for local culture and natural beauty

Isabela, Named after Isabella I. of Castile, located in the most northwestern corner of the island. Its location allows it to offer a combination of all the natural features for which Puerto Rico is known.

A collection of 12 beautiful beaches stretches along the coast, offering a variety of activities and relaxation options so there's something for everyone. Some of the best beaches are Jobos Beach, Montones Beach and Cueva de las Golondrinas. Meanwhile, lakes and rivers flow through the area, offering swimming opportunities for those who prefer fresh water.

A dense section of rainforest allows you to explore the wilder, but equally beautiful, side of the island and see an incredible array of plants and animals. For the physically fit, you also have the Cordillera Mountains to climb to experience some of the most breathtaking views of the island. The Guajataca Forest is also a great place for hiking.

Caves and archaeological sites even offer a different kind of entertainment. You can hike to some of the ones you've already found, like the ruins of San Antonio De La Tuna, or hope to stumble upon something new and turn your vacation into a scene from an Indiana Jones movie.

With an incredible 14 festivals held throughout the year and numerous attractions such as the Guajataca Tunnel, the Enchanted Fountain, the San Antonio De La Tuna Museum, and the Isabela Photo Museum, there is always something to keep you busy no matter when you visit.

Stay in Isabela if you want to see the different sides of Puerto Rico; you are interested in archaeology or nature; you like tourist-friendly areas, but not very touristy, to experience the local culture.

The best accommodations in Isabela:

  • Villa Montana Beach Resort
  • Parador Villas Del Mar Hau
  • Royal Isabela


Rincon, where you can stay in Puerto Rico for surfing

Rincon is a municipality in a valley on the west coast of the main island. It is best known for its wonderful collection of 53 Caribbean and surfing style beaches. Rincon Town Beach Plaza, Sandy Beach, Marias, Domes, Pools Beach and Tres Palmas are just some of the more popular options here.

Domes Beach was even the site of the 1968 World Surfing Championships. Since then, top-level surfers have visited regularly, either competing or improving their skills.

Surfing, however, is not the only water sport popular in Rincon. As the tourism industry blossomed with surfing competitions, businesses set up stores offering all kinds of activities. Now everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to jet skiing and boat rides are available.

On the beach promenade you will find an incredible selection of bars and restaurants for every taste and budget. This gives you the opportunity to relax with a drink or a meal of an evening while watching some of the most beautiful sunsets you will find anywhere in Puerto Rico.

While most of the attractions here revolve around the water, there are also some options on land to help break up your trip a bit. An example of this is the Punta Higuero lighthouse.

Originally built in 1892, the historic lighthouse was rebuilt 30 years later. Now that it has been in its current state for 100 years, it is a fabulous place to experience some of the area's history with one of its most impressive engineering feats.

Stay in Rincon if you are an experienced surfer or want to see or participate in a surf contest. You love beautiful sunsets, historic lighthouses or water sports.

The best accommodations in Puerto Rico in Rincon:

  • Rincon Beach Resort
  • Rincon of the Seas Gran Caribbean Hotel
  • Casa Verde Hotel


Ponce, a central location south of Puerto Rico with lots of activities

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico, behind only San Juan. Surrounded by 14 rivers, the highest point in Puerto Rico, and other mountains, parks and forests, it creates an incredible balance between the natural and man-made sides of the area.

In recent years, the city has experienced incredible growth, especially in the downtown area. High-end hotel resorts, bars, restaurants and stores cater to every need, day and night.

Speaking of which, Ponce has some of the most vibrant nightlife in Puerto Rico, perfect if you want to let loose after long days lazing on the beach or wandering the streets, shopping till you drop.

They even have the Costa Caribe Golf& Country Club opened with a 27-hole PGA championship golf course. Whether you want to play around or enjoy a drink in a more sophisticated setting, the option is there if you can afford it.

The densest collection of attractions is downtown, with iconic buildings and coastal sights galore. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Parque de Bombas.

A former historic fire station, considered by many to be the island's most recognizable landmark. Now converted into a museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it's a great way to learn more about the history of emergency services in Puerto Rico.

Stay in Ponce if you're a history buff, want to visit the Parque De Bombas museum; you're not worried about money; you want to play golf during your stay; you're interested in exploring rivers, mountains and national parks.


Mayaguez, the best place in Puerto Rico near tourist attractions

Mayaguez is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Although Mayaguez is less visited than many areas to the north or east, it has one of the best collections of tourist attractions in Puerto Rico.

First, it is the origin of many Puerto Rican delicacies and plays an important role in the gastronomy of the island. Deserts, seafood and fried foods were made and produced in abundance, as well as alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer and rum. At one point they even had their own brand of cola.

Then there's the collection of festivals that take place in the city. With more than one per month celebrating everything from sports and saints to family and carnivals, it's almost guaranteed that a unique experience awaits you at any time of year.

A collection of 13 beaches offers plenty of opportunities to relax, whether you prefer to laze in the sand for days on end or take to the water. Or maybe you are a sports fan, in which case why not see a game of one of the many sports teams here?

They even have plenty of sights for you to spend your days roaming around and exploring, some of which are simply beautiful, while others are also educational.

Speaking of education: Mayaguez is also home to one of the main campuses of the University of Puerto Rico. This makes it a great destination if you are thinking of becoming a student at the university or visiting it.

Stay in Mayaguez if you are interested in the gastronomy of Puerto Rico; you love festivals and sports; you are or are visiting a student at the Mayaguez campus of the University of Puerto Rico; you want a good selection of beaches.

Best Places to Stay in Mayaguez:

  • Holiday Inn Mayaguez& Tropical Casino
  • Howard Johnson Downtown Mayaguez
  • Mayaguez Resort& Casino


Cabo Rojo, best areas in Puerto Rico for a beautiful sunset

Located southwest coast of the island, Cabo Rojo has one of the best selections of beaches in all of Puerto Rico, with an incredible 127 to choose from, including the most famous, Playa Sucia. As a result, tourist facilities have exploded in the city in recent years.

Hotels and marinas are particularly popular developments, as they offer visitors overnight accommodations and a way to enjoy the sea. As one of the fastest developing parts of Puerto Rico, environmentalists fear its growth will harm the local community.

Despite growth, the area known as Puerto Real is still a traditional fishing village. Not only does this allow you to get an authentic feel of what the area is traditionally like, but it also offers a number of restaurants that serve the freshest and highest quality seafood.

Known for offering some of the most incredible sunsets in Puerto Rico, you'll also find the oldest salt mines in the Americas as well as a collection of caves and lagoons here.

Among the most popular attractions are the church of San Miguel Arcangel and the lighthouse Los Morrillos. These are both historic sites that showcase the best of the city's history, engineering and architecture. They also have Joyuda and pink salt likes.

There are two protected areas on the outskirts of town, Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge and Boqueron State Forest. With its beautiful landscape, this land is home to a number of endangered bird species, making it a great place for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Stay in Cabo Rojo if you are a fan of fresh, quality seafood; you want to experience a traditional fishing village or a breathtaking sunset; you love modern hotels and marinas; you want to explore caves, lagoons and salt mines; you are interested in bird watching or nature.

Best Puerto Rico Accommodations in Cabo Rojo:

  • Combate Beach Resort
  • BOHO Beach Club


Arecibo, a great area for history and nature lovers

Arecibo is the largest municipality in Puerto Rico by area and is located west of San Juan. It is best known for the Arecibo Observatory, which until July 2016 housed the Arecibo Telescope, the largest radio telescope in the world.

Besides the observatory, there are a number of other historic buildings in the city. There is the Cathedral of Saint Philip the Apostle from the 18th century.You can see the nineteenth century lighthouse Punta Los Morrillos and even the impressive town hall building.

There is even the birth of the statue of the New World. A monument depicting Christopher Columbus is the work of Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and, at 295 feet tall, is the tallest statue in the Americas.

The port of Arecibo is a beautiful marina where you can watch boats on the water. Alternatively, a small collection of beaches may be more to the liking of those looking to relax. Sports fans can even relax by watching the local basketball team play.

Outside the city, forest preserves, lakes and archaeological sites offer plenty of history and natural beauty to explore. There's even an art and history museum in town that can help you learn more about what you're seeing.

Stay in Arecibo if you want to see the tallest statue in the Americas or the former largest telescope on Earth; you're a basketball fan; you enjoy history and nature in equal measure.


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Dorado, an upscale residential neighborhood in Puerto Rico

Dorado is an upscale, largely residential part of Puerto Rico on the north coast west of San Juan. Started in an area originally purchased by the Rockefeller family, where they built a huge private resort area.

Over the years, it has been repeatedly sold and developed into Dorado Beach Resort. Large, expensive chain hotels have made it a popular getaway for the rich and famous. A number of golf resorts have also been built, making it a golfer's paradise for amateurs and professionals alike.

Throughout the year there are numerous festivals, all with different customs, purposes and styles of celebration. With only 4 months without your own festival, there's a good chance you'll have something to do during your stay.

A collection of 24 beaches offers plenty of places to relax and enjoy the sand and water, many of which are popular with surfers. In terms of attractions, the downtown area offers a decent selection of sights and attractions to keep you entertained.

The Casa Del Rey Museum has exhibits and artifacts from the Spanish colonization of Puerto Rico, so is perfect for history buffs. The Shrine of Christ of the Reconciliation Church also features artifacts of a similar age, style and interest.

The prestigious Doradenos Plaza is a fabulous place to sit back and enjoy some of the stunning local architecture. Meanwhile, the Juan Boria Theater was recently renovated, making it a fabulous place to take in the area's style of performing arts.

Stay in Dorado if you're looking for a golf trip and aren't worried about money; you prefer quieter, more exclusive destinations; you want a good selection of beaches and historic sites.


Puerto Rico is a fabulous place, perfect for those looking for a tropical getaway surrounded by history, culture and natural beauty. This article should have given you everything you need to decide where to stay in Puerto Rico for a perfect vacation, based on your own wants and needs.

All you have to do is check out some hotel recommendations in the area you've chosen and book everything so you can look forward to your own adventure in Puerto Rico.

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