Which travel insurance?

Finding the right travel cover is not difficult, even if there are many different insurance tariffs available. Which travel insurance suits you and your vacation behavior can be found out with only a few details. We have compiled the most important key points for you, with which you can quickly and easily take out the appropriate travel insurance cover.

Which travel insurance offers the basic protection?

First of all, you can decide whether a basic coverage is sufficient for you, or whether you need a comprehensive travel coverage. This basically depends on where your trip takes you and what the risks might be.

With the basic cover of our travel insurance you have travel cancellation insurance and travel interruption cover. This is how you can insure the financial loss in case of a vacation cancellation or an unscheduled end of the trip by us. We would like to introduce you to the benefits in more detail.

Which travel insurance is the right one? Here you will find our tips!

The travel cancellation insurance

In order to be reimbursed for the costs of a trip cancellation, you need travel cancellation insurance. This is included in every tariff we offer. It comes into play in the event of various everyday risks and covers not only yourself, but also risk persons such as family members. Travel protection exists among other things with:

  • unexpected serious illness or accidental injury
  • infection with the coronavirus
  • Death in the family
  • medically determined pregnancy
  • Damage to property by fire, water or third parties
  • Many other reasons for cancellation

Reimbursed in the (insured) case, the cancellation costs, which you from the travel provider or. be charged to the tour operator. Depending on the terms and conditions, this can amount to up to 95% of the travel price. The conclusion of a sufficient travel insurance is therefore always advisable.

Trip interruption insurance

you are already traveling but cannot continue your vacation? You have to stay longer than planned? Then you can make use of our travel interruption insurance. Which travel insurance includes this protection? Very simple: all! Each travel protection of TravelProtect secures thus also an unscheduled travel end.

Our luggage insurance offers protection around your vacation

The travel health insurance

No matter which travel insurance you ultimately book: travel health insurance is definitely a useful addition to travel cancellation insurance. Especially when traveling outside of Europe, medical expenses can become unpredictable. If you do not have a suitable travel health insurance, you will have to bear the financial consequences yourself.

The travel health insurance can currently only be booked with us as annual travel insurance VIP. However, in the event of a claim, we offer you a whole range of first-class benefits. Insurance cover is available for the following risks abroad, among others.

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment costs, incl. Operations and follow-up care.
  • transport costs in the vacation country for hospitalization.
  • Medically reasonable and justifiable return transport to Germany.
  • assumption of costs for prescribed medicines, drugs and aids.
  • Basic cover for dental treatment incl. simple dental prosthesis and pain treatment.
  • many other benefits ..

Our tip

If you want to cover your trip completely, we can definitely recommend our travel insurance VIP. This way you have one contact person for all insured risks, no matter if you have to cancel a trip, if your luggage was damaged or if you had to see a doctor at your vacation destination.+

Especially when it comes to travel health insurance, you should not arrive uninsured on vacations outside of Europe. The statutory health insurance or private health insurance does not cover your expenses in all cases. If transport should then become necessary, the costs can quickly rise to 10.000 Euro and more.

Which travel insurance for which persons?

After you have selected the appropriate benefits, you can specify who should be insured at all. Depending on which travel insurance you want, travel protection applies to three different people: Single rates, couple insurance or protection for the whole family.

Our one-time travel insurances offer a special feature. These can be taken out for up to four people per policy, regardless of relationship or place of residence. The premium is not per person, but per contract. We recommend this tariff especially for small groups who want to insure individual trips.

Single persons

Individuals can take out travel insurance with us from the age of 18. Insure for the first year of life. The travel coverage is valid only for the specified person and does not include children. It can be taken out as an annual travel insurance policy or as a one-off cover. The travel protection is valid worldwide.


Couple tariffs can be taken out by two persons from the 18. can be booked before the age of 18. Neither a cohabitation nor a joint household is necessary. For example, it is possible for adult siblings, friends or married couples to insure themselves. Children are also not included here.

No matter which travel insurance: we offer the right protection for all life situations


The family travel insurance complements the couple tariff with the possibility to cover children. Here, too, the place of residence and the living situation do not play a role. We insure grandparents with grandchildren, patchwork families or other cohabiting couples. By the way, children are covered up to the age of 21. Co-insured for the first year of life.

Choice of the sum insured and the deductible

Finally, you choose the amount of insurance you need to cover your travels. This should correspond to the travel price you usually charge for your vacations. Remember that the annual travel insurance covers any number of trips up to the selected sum insured. We have prepared an example for you.

Family A. has a summer vacation for 2.500 Euro booked. To do this, take out travel insurance up to 3.000 Euro from. Since it is an annual travel insurance, the ski trip for 800 Euro, the class trip of the son for 450 Euro and the spontaneous city trips are also insured.

Of course, your travel behavior may change in the course of time. The children are out of the house, you retire or other family members join you. Therefore, with us you always have the option to adjust the sum insured and change the annual travel insurance .

If you decide to take out travel luggage insurance or travel health insurance, you can benefit from flat-rate sums insured here. No matter which travel insurance you book: These are independent of the amount of travel cancellation and trip interruption insurance.

We has been active in the travel insurance industry since 2004 as a specialized provider of innovative concepts. More than 100.000 customers have been and continue to be served by our team of experts. Experienced travel insurance specialists will assist you quickly and competently with all claims. Bayerische is our strong partner for your protection.

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